An Ode to the Flat Foundation Brush

I wear makeup daily. No, that’s not an exaggeration – it simply makes me feel like my best self. Even on my minimal days, you’ll find me lounging in lipgloss. Because I apply makeup on the daily, I have tried a plethora of makeup brushes over the years, and let me tell you…a good makeup brush can make or break your look.

There are so many brushes to choose from; it can be overwhelming! Let’s break down some of the variables to consider. Some brushes are very soft and fluffy; these are great for applying powder products and blending. Others are more dense/tightly packed; these brushes are ideal for liquid or cream products. There are many fiber types available from natural (often squirrel/sable/or goat hair) to synthetic (typically nylon or polyester). There are also many shapes available like rounded, pointed, flat, angled – all with different uses ranging from all over base application, to precision work around the eyes.

When I say I’ve tried them all, I mean it. Yet year after year, I keep coming back to one specific brush style for my foundation application…

The flat foundation brush.

This humble brush choice is a favorite among makeup artists, and for good reason…it’s wildly effective at laying down the perfect amount of product, it maneuvers gracefully around tight facial contours like the eyes and nose, and it washes out easily. Unlike popular dense blending or buffing brushes brushes, you don’t have to worry about a flat brush sucking up too much product. They reduce the amount of product needed to get the job done!

What I enjoy most about this type of brush is the versatility in application method. You can sweep pigment all over your face, use it to pat product in similarly to how you’d use a sponge, blend concealer in just a few sweeps, and apply or soften the edges of blush or contour. Out of all the brushes I own, my flat brush is easily the most multifaceted tool.

I’ve had a number of flat brushes throughout the years, but this one from Jones Road Beauty is my favorite. The bristles are a great length and it has the perfect amount of flex making it a very comfortable and enjoyable brush to use. Because it has the perfect amount of flex and give, it really pushes the product into the skin for a seamless look. I have really enjoyed most of the brushes I’ve bought from Jones Road, and it’s worth noting all of their brushes are synthetic.

One response to “An Ode to the Flat Foundation Brush”

  1. […] I apply one pump to my finger and dot it all around my face. Then I begin blending with my trusty flat foundation brush, and this is where the magic happens. High Fidelity creates a hydrating – yet – satin […]


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