The Scent of Springtime: Carter + Jane Neroli

There’s something about the changing of seasons that I truly appreciate; they signal both the end of a chapter and new beginnings in the year – and oftentimes our lives, too. With spring just around the corner, all I can think about are brisk, sun-drenched days, a thick carpet of greenery stretching across the hills, and the vibrant blooms that will begin to spring forth from the earth.

With the impending season change, I’ve begun to think about what my scent wardrobe will be this spring. I have always been a sucker for florals, but lately in particular I haven’t been able to get neroli off my mind. When I saw Carter + Jane’s Neroli collection, I knew I had to try it.

Carter + Jane make a variety of skincare and fragrance products, all of which are made with natural essential oils. Neroli in particular was inspired by a trip to an orange farm in Morocco. Neroli and orange blossom scents are particularly dear to my heart because of my time living in California – there is nothing quite like walking into a fully in-bloom orange grove. The scent is purely intoxicating! It leaves you completely enraptured in a hazy, dreamy scent cloud.

Neroli blooms are little white flowers on the bitter orange tree; their scent is a bit more astringent in nature than orange blossoms which take on a more fruity quality. Neroli is like orange blossom’s older more sophisticated sister, but both have an effervescent, ethereal quality. It’s a light, delicate floral aroma with a faint natural sweetness. Additionally, neroli and orange blossom are considered uplifting scents that ease feelings of stress and depression. What better way to come out of the doldrums of winter than with the scent of neroli?

The product I absolutely adore from Carter + Jane is the Neroli Everything Oil Body. I chronically have dry skin, and I’m always looking for ways to soothe and moisturize my skin (and hair!). The Everything Oil is designed to take the place of your moisturizer, serums, and even fragrance. The first time I applied this to my skin, the fragrance immediately transported me to the thicket of orange trees in front of my Aunt’s house. Pure bliss.

What impresses me even more though is just how well this oil moisturizes my skin. I notice a dramatic difference between the morning when I apply it to nighttime when I’m getting ready for bed. My skin is left baby soft! Additionally, I love taking whatever is left on my hands, and sweeping my fingertips through the ends of my hair – it makes a tremendous difference in how soft and shiny my hair looks and feels. Plus, the scent lingers longer in hair than on skin alone. It’s the perfect way to moisturize and perfume yourself.

Neroli The Everything Oil Body uses a mixture of sunflower, baobab, moringa, and prickly pear seed oil to deeply moisturize your skin, while the essential oils of neroli, sweet orange, bergamot, ylang ylang, and frankincense perfume you. Because this is a natural scent, it wears very intimately. Despite the fact that this isn’t a fragrance that will announce your arrival, it is absolutely heavenly and such a treat to apply. Since I’ve been using Neroli The Everything Oil Body, I’ve noticed my skin is much softer and has a beautiful glow. I am truly such a fan of this product.

I also had the opportunity to try the Neroli Roll-on Aroma. Like The Everything Oil Body, this rollerball is scented with the same notes. While this doesn’t have the same longevity or projection as most of my fragrances, I do enjoy rolling this on when I need a little pick me up or want to add a little burst of neroli joy to a fragrance. I would say the scent from The Everything Oil Body and the Roll-On Aroma last around 3 hours, but The Everything Oil Body has a lot more presence as it covers more of your body with the fragrance.

*Products gifted by Carter + Jane

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