The Foundation That Broke the Internet | Jones Road What The Foundation Tinted Moisture Balm

If you find yourself on beauty-Tok, you likely saw the highly controversial video posted by Tik Toker Meredith Duxbury where she applied nearly half a tub of Jones Road What The Foundation Tinted Moisture Balm to her face. At the end of the video, she expressed her disappointment in the product and unsurprisingly said it didn’t work for her. The problem with videos like this is that they are purely for shock value and are wildly unfair reviews; What The Foundation is NOT meant to be full coverage, nor should you use half a tub on your face in one setting…

I am here to set the record straight on this highly controversial foundation. I’ve seen so many reviews, and people either seem to really love it or absolutely hate it. I definitely find myself in one of these camps, so keep reading to find out which it is.

The first noteworthy thing about this foundation? It’s essentially an anti-foundation. If you purchase this product expecting to find a full coverage base that dries to a matte finish, you will be sorely out of luck. Bobbi Brown is well known for her makeup looks and has often stated her displeasure in using traditional foundations; that they mask the skin and make it look flat. What The Foundation (WTF) is the answer to Bobbi’s struggle: it’s a dewy, light coverage emulsion that cuts redness and makes your skin look alive – without looking like makeup.

WTF comes in a hefty glass tub, and to apply it you’ll need to scoop a bit out and dot it on your face. I like to evenly dot the product all over and blend with my flat foundation brush. I am left with skin that looks like mine, but somehow gloriously better…more even toned and simply fresh. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked in the mirror while wearing this and thought ‘gee, I feel really pretty today!’ Instead of settling into my fine lines or clinging to rough patches, my skin looks luminous and perhaps a bit more youthful than normal.

I wear What The Foundation in shade Light

If you have dry skin or more mature skin, WTF is the answer to wearing makeup that will make your skin look incredible. It’s very moisturizing, so if you have an oilier skin type, you’ll want to avoid putting on too many heavy moisturizers before applying WTF. My skin errs on the side of combination, so I like to lightly set through my t-zone: somehow though, by the end of the day my skin still looks incredible with this on. I also find that What The Foundation plays beautifully with the Jones Road Face Pencils where you want extra coverage. They blend together seamlessly and create a canvas that will have people asking ‘is she wearing makeup? I can’t tell, but she looks really beautiful’.

Applying the Face Pencil in shade 7

If full coverage bases or matte finishes are your thing, then WTF is probably not your cup of tea. However, if you’re looking for a ‘your skin but better’ product with a dose of moisture, WTF is perfect. I honestly had no idea how I’d feel about it because of how mixed the reviews are, but I absolutely love it!

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*What The Foundation & Face Pencil were gifted

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