Winterize Your Beauty Routine

Cold weather is upon us, and that can mean havoc for your skin and hair! While warmer months come with their own set of challenges (hello, frizzy hair and greasies), colder months can make for chapped skin and extremely dry hair. Here are the ways to tackle those issues regardless of your price point!

As soon as the temperature starts dropping, my skin is the first thing to react. The other day I looked down at my hand while driving, and it was so dry that it didn’t even look like it was mine! As soon as I got home, I reached for my trusty vitamin e oil (I like this one from Jason because it’s blended with a few other oils to make it easier to spread out). This vitamin e oil is really great for boosting your regular body lotion – simply mix a few drops in with your lotion of choice – but it’s also fantastic for spot treating rough areas. I love applying a thin layer of this wherever I’m feeling really dry, rough or flaky; it’s honestly game changing on its own, but to really seal in all the goodness I like to apply a thin layer of Aquaphor over top, also! I pay special attention to my cuticles, too. I love Aquaphor because it is occlusive and really prevents moisture from escaping, but additionally I love Aquaphor for its humectant properties! Unlike pure Vaseline which also traps moisture in the skin, Aquaphor draws moisture from the air into the skin which further hydrates it. While I use this combination predominantly on the skin on my body to combat dryness, both of these products work wonderfully on facial skin, too. If you’re acne prone, I would spot test a small area before slathering your entire face with them. For dry skin though, this combination is gold. Aquaphor also makes a fantastic lip balm!

The dream team: inexpensive, yet wildly effective

Another product that works similarly to that duo and can also double as makeup is the Jones Road Beauty Miracle Balm. There are quite a few shades to choose from, so whether you’re looking for a clear option or something lightly tinted or glowy, you’re bound to find it in their range. This product contains beeswax and oils that seal moisture into your skin and create a healthy glow at the same time. I’ve owned several, but my favorite remains Dusty Rose – it gives a super soft wash of pink that perks up the skin and a gorgeous, fresh glow. It really embodies the aesthetic of “oh I just got back from a weekend in the mountains”. I love it on my cheeks and lips!

Another common problem people face when the cold sets in is dry hair and flaking scalps. There are a few ways to approach this, but the first thing you need to do if you’re having flaking is identify if it’s dry scalp or dandruff. Dandruff typically forms larger plaques/flakes and can have a slightly yellow tinge or slightly greasy feel, whereas dry scalp tends to be a very fine, white dusty powder. If you have dandruff, a classic shampoo like Head & Shoulders is a good idea because the zinc will treat the condition, but it may be worth looking into a moisturizing formula in winter months to combat dry ends. If your scalp is dry, opt for a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.

The next suggestion I have for dry winter locks is to add in a hair mask weekly if you aren’t using one already. If you have a bigger budget, I recommend the Hydrating Masque from Moroccanoil, UltraRepair from EVOLVh (code BOLDLY15 saves on orders), or Color Motion Structure Mask with WellaPlex from Wella. If you need a more affordable option, the Repairing Hair Mask with Argan and Aloe from Herbal Essences works really well! A little tip for those of you with fine hair that’s easily weighed down, but you still need moisture: apply your hair mask first and let it sit for the appropriate time, then shampoo afterwards (always concentrating the shampoo at the scalp). You’ll still get the moisturizing benefits of the mask without leaving your hair heavy.

The final product you need to really prevent your hair from drying out in the winter is a good hair oil. I have several that I really love for my hair, but the main thing I look for are natural oils that will nourish the hair and usually a silicone to lock in the moisture. I only apply hair oils to the mid lengths and ends of my hair because our scalp will naturally produce enough oil and we don’t want our hair to get greasy faster. The ends of our hair though usually don’t receive the oils from our scalp which provide natural moisture and protection, so that’s why hair oil is so important. My favorites are ROZ Santa Lucia Styling Oil, Virtue Labs Healing Oil, L’Anza Keratin Healing Oil Hair Treatment, and Innersense Harmonic Healing Oil.

No matter your budget, I hope these tips and recommendations help you stay moisturized during the harsh winter months!

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