I’ve Tried a Ton of Virtue Labs Products – These are My Must-Haves

As a licensed hairdresser, I’ve had the opportunity to try a cornucopia of products over the last decade, so when I say I’m not easily wowed, I truly mean that. The first time I used Virtue Labs, it was as if my hair went through a rapid metamorphosis; with just one use, the change in my hair was palpable. My locks were shiny, bouncy, and felt softer than they had in a long time, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

What sets Virtue Labs apart from other hair care lines is their use of a special form of keratin called Alpha Keratin 60ku which is in all of their products. Our hair is made up of over 90% keratin, so the utilization of this ingredient results in your healthiest hair possible. Our bodies and cells easily recognize Alpha Keratin 60ku which allows it to easily go into the hair strands where they need it the most. I like to think of Alpha Keratin 60ku this way; imagine the cuticle of your hair is like a stack of bricks. Alpha Keratin 60ku fills the gaps in between the bricks like cement making the surface smooth and stronger…not brittle and frail the way the stack of bricks are without cement.

I have tried a very wide array of Virtue products, so let me let you in on my favorites!

My favorite shampoo and conditioner line is Full, mostly because I have thin and somewhat fine hair. What I find to be so special about this line though is that it doesn’t leave your hair feeling dry the way so many volumizing lines can. Not only is my hair left bouncy and well…fuller, it’s also very soft and shiny, too. I also think the Smooth line is fantastic if your hair tends to get frizzy; it will give you gorgeous, glass-like hair. If your hair is damaged or breaking, the Recovery line is just the ticket. Personally, I tested the Curl line on my daughter (she’s very curly) and I didn’t love it on her hair as it didn’t feel moisturizing enough. Something I find really interesting about Virtue’s shampoos and conditioners is that they’re extremely concentrated. I find that professional shampoos and conditioners tend to require less product in general to achieve the desired outcome, but even more so with Virtue Labs. I only need a quarter size dollop to create a luscious lather on my long hair!

Moving into styling products, I’ll start with one that I feel like works well on all hair types; the 6 in 1 styler. This product is incredibly versatile. It’s great for air drying and cutting frizz as well as blow drying and adding protection and shine. This product is lightweight and non-sticky and a great foundation to building the perfect style.

Next, I really love the Frizz Block Smoothing Spray. It’s excellent for locking out frizz-causing humidity for 72 hours and it contains a heat protectant up to 450°F. What’s even better about this product is how glossy it makes your hair, but maybe most importantly – it won’t cause a build up on your hair and it contains no drying alcohols. It’s truly a miracle in a bottle! You definitely want to section your hair well for the maximum effect as this product is heat activated. More sections = more direct heat and smoothing from your blow-dryer.

If you have fine, thin hair, the Volumizing Mousse is a fantastic choice to push your hair to new heights without drying it out. It contains baobab which is moisturizing, but also it provides heat protection which is important especially if you’re trying to get a big, bouncy blow-out and you’re concentrating a lot of heat on the roots. I also find that when I use this mousse, my hair stays cleaner feeling for a longer window of time.

If you’re looking for a product to add moisture and shine to your hair without weighing it down, look no further than the Healing Oil! Just a few drops of this in my dry ends transforms my hair into a celebrity worthy ‘do. Plus, it smells like a gorgeous tropical gardenia! I feel like I recommend this product to everyone, and everyone who has tried it tells me how much they love it! This hair oil is amazing as a finishing product, but also before you go to bed to boost moisture while you sleep without being greasy on your pillow. I like to think of it as ‘hair slugging’ – the same concept as slugging your face at night with an occlusive product like Vaseline or Aquaphor to trap moisture, but for your hair!

The one product I’ve always had a hate/hate relationship with until I tried Virtue’s was dry shampoo, but the Refresh Dry Shampoo completely changed how I feel about it! While most dry shampoos leave a chalky white residue on your scalp and make it itch, Refresh doesn’t feel powdery or itchy at all. Somehow it magically absorbs oil without a trace. It also boosts volume and smells fresh, too. I always have a backup of this, especially because it isn’t uncommon for Virtue to be sold out!

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If you’d like to see these products in action, check out my YouTube video where I demonstrate them all!

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