The sunscreen for people who hate sunscreen | Live Tinted Hueguard

If you’re reading this post, I’m willing to bet you hate sunscreen. You know what I’m talking about – feeling greasy, ghostly, pilling under makeup, and generally cramping your style. I know this because this has been me for years! I have never been one of those gals who joyfully embraced slathering on their morning sunscreen. In fact, it’s been a pain point of my beauty routine for years – yet I begrudgingly greased up because I knew I was supposed to. However, I’ve found the sunscreen that has completely changed my mind.

Live Tinted was created by Deepica Mutyala as a line to celebrate all skintones. The brand now has a plethora of products, but the one that has completely won me over is Hueguard; it’s a 3 in 1 formula designed to moisturize, prime, and protect your skin. It’s a mineral SPF 30 with UVA/UVB protection, blue light protection, and it helps blur the skin upon application.

What makes this formula unique is that it’s not a tinted sunscreen per say, but a mineral sunscreen that applies with a peachy hue that completely disappears as you rub it into your skin. My prior experience with mineral sunscreens is that they leave a chalky white cast on the skin, no matter how much you rub them in and typically they get chunky under makeup. Hueguard is a far cry from my previous experience with mineral sunscreens – it seamlessly blends into the skin within seconds and absorbs so well you’d think you’re just applying moisturizer. In fact, most mornings Hueguard is all I need in terms of using a moisturizer! It leaves my skin feeling moisturized and looking like velvet. I simply apply my serum of choice for the day, Hueguard, and move onto makeup!

I have had zero white cast, zero greasies, and absolutely no pilling while using Hueguard. In fact, I love it so much that I’ve almost finished my smaller 1.7 oz bottle, and I purchased the jumbo 5 oz. bottle! Additionally, if you have the smaller bottle with the pump, the top unscrews and you can refill it using the 5 oz. bottle. Personally, I love the pump because it makes it very easy to control how much you’re using and it’s excellent for travel.

I now count myself as a former sunscreen hater. Live Tinted has completely changed the game for me, and it will for you too!

Get yours here

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