I’ve tried it all, and I always come back to this hair product.

As a licensed cosmetologist, I have tried my fair share of hair products over the years. It’s not uncommon for brands to make absolutely outlandish claims about the results their products can achieve, and more often than not, they are completely bogus claims. Every now and then though, I’m truly blown away with results, and the product I’m talking about today has had me return time and again over the course of 10 years.

That product is the Moroccanoil Treatment, and more specifically, Moroccanoil Treatment Light.

My hair is fine to medium textured, normal in density, slightly wavy, and quite porous and dry. It often feels rough to the touch because of all the chemical treatments I’ve put it through (even though I use bond builders, those predominantly just stop breakage). Because of the texture of my hair, one of my favorite type of products to use on it are styling serums because they help to control the frizz and make my hair feel soft and shiny again.

The Moroccanoil Treatment uses argan oil, which is their star ingredient in their line. Argan oil is antioxidant-rich and helps transform dry damaged hair into a much softer, healthier version. This treatment cuts down on drying time, and in one of Moroccanoil’s independent studies, it increased hair’s shine by 118%! It’s great to help condition the hair, aid in the ease of styling with hot tools, and is great to finish the hair and add polish.

While I’ve used the original formula, I prefer the light one for my hair type. If you have coarse, thick, or curly hair, I would recommend trying the Original formula; if your hair is fine, thin, or light in color, I recommend the Light version.

I have honestly lost count of how many bottles of Moroccanoil Treatment Light I’ve had over the years, it’s simply THAT GOOD. I can use it in wet or dry hair and it never weighs my hair down, and even though this formula contains silicone, it has never left my hair feeling coated or heavy. My strands are left shiny, soft, and manageable with that signature Moroccanoil scent. I always have a full size bottle of this as well as travel bottles because I can’t be without it.

If you’re looking for a miracle product to transform your hair into the silkiest, softest version it can be, Moroccanoil Treatment is just the ticket.

Shop Moroccanoil here

One response to “I’ve tried it all, and I always come back to this hair product.”

  1. I haven’t used this product in years! I miss the smell


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