Oh hi, I’m still here…I’m sorry it’s been a year since my last post!!!

As you may well know, the last year has been one of the most tumultuous on record in recent millenia. I have spent this time raising my now very active, bustling toddler whilst maneuvering through a pandemic, planning a cross country move, simultaneously creating content for YouTube, and acting as head of retail acquisitions for a company. I have two words to sum up my year: full-plate.

But I have desperately missed blogging and I promise I will be posting more in the very near future, and to kick off my posts I’m dedicating this one as one of celebration and will appropriately name it Confetti.

You see, this year I turn 30. Life is starting to resume some normalcy in the chaotic wake of Covid-19, and right now I am very much so celebrating being alive. Confetti.

Perhaps it’s serendipity, but while in a Lush store I was testing some perfumes and because of supply chain issues, the fragrance I was initially drawn to was out of stock. Rather than leaving feeling disappointed, I decided to let my nose lead me, and I came across something so otherworldly I immediately grabbed a bottle and placed it on the counter to check out. Confetti.

I am a relatively new Lush buyer myself, but after a gifting spree for a loved one, I found myself back in there perusing the shelves. I think Lush is one of those stores that may contain something for everyone. Something about Lush feels vaguely hippy-ish (perhaps it’s placing a bath bomb in a paper bag?), part economical, and a pinch of devil-may-care with wild sex appeal. Whatever it is, I’m here for it.

Which leads me to the purpose of this entire post – Confetti!

I picked up the small perfume bottle with green juice labelled Confetti, sprayed it on a strip, and held it to my mask. I felt a pause come over me – one of those moments where the world stops spinning and I asked ‘what IS this?!’ Confetti is an olfactory whirlwind, one that feels both comforting and foreign all at once. The notes of this fragrance are Violet Leaf, Rose, and Sandalwood. Lush describes this as a ‘sugared almond scent’.

Ohmahgawd, we have so much to unpack here.

This perfume opens with an almost violent, bitter green note. It lasts maybe a minute or two before the scent begins to develop. This is my least favorite part of the fragrance, and thankfully it’s brief.

Once that slips away, there’s an ozonic quality to it that’s pretty rare in parfumery in my opinion; I find it peculiar and alluring, personally. If you’ve never smelt something with this kind of note, think of Petrichor, or that distinctive smell that fills the air after a fresh rain – that’s the closest thing I can relate this ozonic note to. The violet leaf has a slightly powdery, but softly green aroma. Many people would describe this particular note as a bit old fashioned – perhaps that’s why I find this scent comforting. It’s the kind of note that makes me feel like I’m snuggled in a cozy cashmere wrap. The next note I detect is the rose, but Lush’s rose isn’t the least bit stuffy or dated smelling. Oh, no. The rose in their fragrances is a big, dewy rose with velvety petals. It’s vibrant and sexy.

I also pick up on the subtlest of coffee notes. Another peculiar note, especially when juxtaposed with the breathy essence of ozone, but it adds a subtle warmth that rounds out the perfume. It’s a really lovely balance. The anchor to the fragrance is sandalwood; a note I’ve often struggled to like in fragrances but somehow it really works here? It’s woodsy and creamy – not the slightest bit sharp and it really lends to that sugared almond vibe they’re going for with this scent.

This perfume is like a warm sunny day in an almond orchard, perched on a solid wood chair at a long table, passing a carafe of hot coffee between friends and loved ones with cream filled pastries scattered about. There’s a rose centerpiece that’s brimming with heavy, honeyed, verdant blooms. This perfume smells like…someone bottled a treasured memory. One that’s filled with love, joy, lots of raucous laughter, and hugs. A true celebration.

I didn’t know I needed this fragrance in my life, but it’s exactly what I need at this moment in time. It’s cozy, sexy, and utterly peculiar in all the best ways – and after what has been one of the most challenging years of my life, I can use a little Confetti.

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