TOK; Take Two

It’s been a bit since my last blog about TOK Beauty, the Canadian born brand with a penchant for beautiful handmade silk lashes. Not only is this line revolutionary being the first line to create silk magnetic lashes, I was able to get more insight from the creator, Tara, herself! Since my last post, the line has continued to grow and I am happy to share some of the new goodies I’ve gotten to try!

“I started TOK Beauty as a makeup artist in 2017. I always had an interest in makeup, and always did makeup on family and friends growing up.

In 2015 I took my passion more seriously, left my 9-5, and began working at a salon. I was a part-time makeup artist and receptionist there. I was traveling around, applying makeup and I realized that women were wanting tips and tricks on how to apply their makeup, what products to use, and what products to purchase. They wanted a natural line that performed, but didn’t know where to turn. I wanted to give them something that was natural, would save them time, and had added benefits but I didn’t know what to recommend that was natural.

The most popular question I received was “how do you apply those strip lashes? I want to watch you do it” So, I started to design the magnetic lashes first. They were the first silk magnetic lashes with three magnets, in the world. I knew they would take some practise at first, but that once they got the hang of it, it would replace expensive lash appointments, toxic glues, and they could wear them multiple times.”

In my last post, I talked quite a bit about the magnetic lashes from the brand, and the latest launch includes the Attracted to You Liquid Liner. This liner is designed to aid in the application of magnetic lashes by utilizing magnetic properties to hold them in place.

“Our black formulation is magnetic to help draw your magnetic lash in and assist with application of our magnetic lashes.”

The applicator for Attracted to You is a stiff felt tip which creates a very precise line. It also wears without smudging until I’m ready to take it off. This liner is such a fantastic product because it helps position the lashes as close to the roots as you possibly can! Simply line your eyes, lay the first strip of lashes on top of your own lashes (which will stay at the root of your lashes thanks to the eyeliner), and gently stick the second strip of lashes underneath your own, creating a sandwich around your own lashes. It really does keep the magnetic lashes close to the lash line so you can get as close to the base of your lashes as possible! While I felt proficient in applying my magnetic lashes before, I was pretty surprised how much of a difference Attracted to You makes…see for yourself.


The next new to me launch from TOK is the LASHLUV Mascara. I am a mascara snob, so I’m always excited and nervous to try new mascaras; excited because I love a good mascara, and nervous that it won’t work out for me. LASHLUV comes in a matte black tube with a hammered rose gold cap. It has a silicone wand that flexes just slightly with pressure and is in the shape of thin football. The formula is creamy and not overly wet at first (honestly, I am a fan of this type of formula that is the perfect consistency to use right out of the gate) and extremely black.

Explaining in more detail her time in the salon and creating her line, Tara explained, “I gave them tips of applying mascara and eyeliner before applying them [lashes], so my next products were to launch those as well. The LASHLUV Mascara and Attracted to You Liquid Eyeliner had added benefits of being completely natural but also conditioning with growth properties for your lashes. This way whether you are wearing it on its own or under the lashes, your natural lashes will grow. “

My initial test of LASHLUV, I applied it to uncurled lashes with no other makeup on to get a feel for it. Even without curling my lashes, I noticed they were lifted as if I had curled them. The bristles feel like they grip the lashes while you’re putting it on, which I think is the main reason for not needing to curl them prior to application yet still getting a curled appearance. LASHLUV adds a hefty amount of volume and definition, as well as some length. It’s a bold formula for sure! If you like a dramatic lash look, this will do it in a flash. As for the overall wear, I find this to be very smudge-resistant on me, but usually after a full days wear I will have a little transfer on my brow bone and really only if I’ve been heavy handed with my application (what can I say, I love big eyelashes and I’m notorious for piling on tons of mascara.) From my understanding, this mascara has sold out numerous times, and I’m not surprised at all!

Any birthday cake lovers out there? This is for you! LIPLUV. Ohhhh, how I love thee. This smells exactly like a frosted vanilla cupcake, so good you will want to eat it (please don’t). I put some on and asked my husband, “What do you smell?” and he said “birthday cake”. Deliciousness. Enough about the scent though, let’s talk about the formula!

“I then designed the CLEAN SLATE cleansing wipes [read about those here] and LIPLUV Lip-glosses. Our cleansing wipes are made with anti-aging properties and designed for makeup removal and our LIPLUV Lip-glosses are hydrating and include Rose Quartz to promote self-love.”

The LIPLUV Lipglosses are super silky with a punch of pigment that I would best describe as a medium opacity. I have the shade XO. It is a beautiful peachy-nude color, which pairs well with basically anything else I’ve got going on with my makeup. Something I really love about this formula, besides the fact that it’s really moisturizing, is that it doesn’t create a line of product build-up where my lips touch the way that so many lip products do. While it looks and applies like a gloss, it feels like a lip balm in my opinion especially as it wears over several hours. I love this lipgloss. Like, a lot a lot.

I love TOK Beauty for it’s overall innovative approach to glam, as well as for the beautiful natural formulas themselves! Have you tried TOK Beauty yet?

Shop all TOK Beauty here

*Please note, this is a sponsored post, but all thoughts and opinions about TOK Beauty are my own.

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