Ranavat Mighty Majesty: a Jasmine Lover’s Dream

If I could claim a scent obsession with one flower in particular, it would be jasmine blooms. I find the delicate little white flowers completely intoxicating, so after smelling the Ranavat Mighty Majesty, I was hooked.

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This beautiful oil blend is a combination of 3 oils: coldpressed sunflower seed oil, organic jasmine flower extract, and CO2 extracted amla oil. Minimalist, but impactful.

This oil is recommended to be used in a few different ways for both skin and hair. It can be applied generously to the hair and left on as an overnight treatment, dab on a few drops to the ends of the hair either wet or dry to protect it from heat and styling, or rubbed into the skin to moisturize it. I have used it for all three purposes, and I’m absolutely in love!

Honestly, if it were feasible, I would bathe myself in this just for the scent alone. It is absolutely divine, and perfume-like in all the best ways. It doesn’t seem to linger as long on my skin, but in my hair I can still smell it by the end of the day, especially if I apply it to dry hair. It absorbs into both the skin and hair quickly, and a little goes a long way. The skin is left feeling baby soft and radiant, and it adds a beautiful shine to the hair.

Amla oil is incredibly high in vitamin c, in fact it’s 10x higher than oranges! Vitamin C is excellent in skincare to aid in the production of collagen, and is fantastic as a hair anti-ager. It is used in ayurvedic medicine to aid in hair growth as well, which is in part why this is ideal as an overnight treatment. What makes amla oil so special from Ranavat though is that it’s CO2 extracted. Typically, amla oil is produced by steeping the amla fruit in a carrier oil – such as coconut oil – to obtain the benefits of the fruit, but by utilizing a CO2 extraction, you are only receiving the potent amla oil!

Jasmine oil, aside from smelling absolutely scrumptious, is used in this oil as an anti-fungal treatment. While I don’t typically suffer from dandruff outbreaks, this would make it an ideal product to combat the white flaky condition. Personally though, I just love the scent! Fun fact: it takes 150 lbs. of jasmine blossoms to produce one ounce of oil!

The sunflower seed oil is a quick absorbing emollient that helps to moisturize the hair and skin without being heavy or overly greasy. It’s rich in vitamin E and antioxidants which adds elasticity to the hair and skin, as well as restores shine to the hair.

I love this oil so much! I use about a half pump on my hair and add more if needed (usually I wait til it’s dry, or even the day after wash day.) It’s so simple, yet powerful and an absolute treat to apply to both hair and body. It’s definitely going to be an item I will restock! If you’re looking to move away from hair products that contain silicones but still want something to tame frizz and add shine, this is the perfect swap.


Ranavat Mighty Majesty ($55)


*Product kindly gifted. All thoughts are my own.


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