Out the Door in 5

Feel free to hit snooze one last time; this quick routine will have you out the door in 5 minutes flat while still looking composed. The secret is utilizing do-it-all products and palettes that require minimal effort for maximum payoff. Allow me to introduce you to my daily staples that help me look polished in a pinch!

Step 1: Achieve a Flawless Canvas

A solid look starts with an even skintone and healthy glow. My pick to achieve this effortlessly is the Gressa Minimalist Foundation. I have tried so many different foundations, and I keep coming back to this one as my favorite for a few reasons. Two drops are enough to cover my entire face, and then I can layer one extra drop beneath my eyes to conceal dark circles. It’s the ultimate multi-tasker! This formula glides on like buttah, and doesn’t get cakey or patchy when layered. Plus the ingredients are skin care. (You can check out my full review of it here.) I always have to set around my eyes, and the Hynt Finale Powder is my favorite for this.

Step 2: Lip + Cheek Color

Cream products are your friend in terms of quick fingertip blending! Stick products like these from Vapour, Lumi Pop and Illuminate from Fitglow, or multi pan palettes are perfect (I have an Ilia Holiday edition that I really wish they would make a staple in their core collection!). A few swipes of blush, highlighter, and bronzer, and I could leave the house just like this! With a few more minutes to spare, I like to play up my eyes just a smidge, too.

Step 3: Define those Peepers

When it comes to a minimal routine, I like to stick with one single shadow color, preferably something with a hint of shimmer to add a little extra depth to the eye area. I typically sweep this all over the lid and buff it into the crease as well as adding a swipe beneath the eyes. This allows me to forgo eyeliner – and it requires less precision. Another time saver.

Next, I like to add a little brow gel to deposit a little color and set them in place. This only takes a few seconds but can really pull the look together.

Finally for the eyes, I curl my lashes and add the darkest black mascara I can. Again, less precision required than eyeliner and this step really opens up the eyes.

Step 4: Pucker up

The final step in my speedy, minimalist routine is swiping on a little lipgloss. I’m completely obsessed with the Lip Serums from Fitglow because there are so many colors, they’re long wearing, and lip conditioning. My favorite 3 that are on constant rotation depending on the occasion and outfit are Go (a pale baby pink), Liv (a bright fuchsia pink), and Nudie (an opaque rosie-nude). A quick flick of the doe foot applicator and you are ready to go! Are these pricey? Yup. Worth it? Totally.

*Bonus*  Step 5: Spritz 

Ok, this step is suuuper extra, but I cannot leave the house without perfume! It is the final step in my routine that really seals the deal and leaves lasting impressions wherever I go. If you’re really in a hurry, having a small bottle tucked in your purse is always a great option to roll on while walking up to your destination.

Yeah, like I said…I know this step is bougie, but I can’t help it. It’s like a ribbon on top of a present.

There you have it, everything I use in my quick and minimalist routine to get me out the door in 5 minutes flat!

Watch how I do it! And if you haven’t, subscribe to my YouTube channel 😉



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