Heretic Jasmine Smoke


If I could choose one scent that I willingly admit to being completely enamored with, it’s jasmine. The scent that wafts off the verdant green vines under a hot summer sun lures  me like a kid to an ice cream truck. I am smitten and cannot help but follow my nose when I smell it. The next best thing? Having it bottled, ready at my beck and call.

I am no stranger to Heretic, and have previously reviewed another one of their beautiful jasmine fragrances. While Dirty Jasmine has a much more green profile thanks to tea notes, Jasmine Smoke is like it’s dark older sister who has a penchant for smudgy black eyeliner and leather jackets.

This scent opens with a puff of zesty citrus that quickly shifts to the delicate and exotic jasmine petals. I find the scent of jasmine to be absolutely entrancing, and this fragrance showcases the sweet white petals of jasmine grandiflorum.

It intermingles so beautifully with the rich notes of blond tobacco – a sexy nuance to this perfume. If the word tobacco has you nervous and thinking of burning cigarettes, fear not; it captures the essence of unburnt tobacco leaves. Richly fragrant and sophisticated, subtly woodsy.

There are also traces of tonka bean which I find reminiscent of vanilla, yet drier and a hint smokier, and adds an incredible longevity to this perfume. Possibly my favorite note in this blend though, is labdanum. It is like a leather cord that ties up a bundle of of delicate white jasmine petals and adds this resin-like, ambery note to Jasmine Smoke.

This perfume is not for wallflowers; it is for those who want to be noticed and make a statement. It is for those who are unapologetically sexy and bold, who want those around them to remember them long after they are gone. It’s a scent for those who embrace life in all its mystery and find beauty in all things.

Sadly, this fragrance has been discontinued, but you can find other Heretic Parfums below.

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6 responses to “Heretic Jasmine Smoke”

  1. I love how you describe the scents. Makes me want to buy it and be a bad girl lol


    1. Lol! Glad you like it. My goal is always to capture the essence of a fragrance and translate it as best I can through a keyboard…because buying fragrances online is hard.

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      1. Yep, so true. You did an amazing job. Do you know if it uses organic ingredients & cruelty free?


      2. It is cruelty free, and I know the base is derived from either organic grape or sugarcane alcohols. Not sure about all of the fragrance oils and absolutes used, but the entire line is 100% natural with the exception of Scandalwood that utilizes a synthetic component in place of traditional musk (but it’s the only scent with any type of synthetic)

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