Moena 12|69 – Carta Fragrances

I’m a believer that the best things in life are created out of desire for change and genuine love; Carta Fragrances Moena 12|69 is exactly that. Heather D’Angelo traveled deep into the Tambopata province of the Peruvian rainforest with Camino Verde to meet the star of her fragrance – Moena Alcanfor. Camino Verde is an organization that works to conserve the biodiversity of the rainforest and support the local farmers who tend to it.


While in Tambopata, she slept beneath the canopy of trees, awakening to the sound of bird calls and softly falling rain before venturing into the Moena groves. The groves are host to a variety of creatures, such as owls and bats that naturally aid in the reforestation efforts.

The Moena Alcanfor is selectively harvested to preserve the grove, and then the harvest is processed locally in Tambopata. This is the only place in the world where Moena Alcanfor is distilled. This oil is a rare and precious offering from the rainforest: it is  closely related to rosewood, making it a sustainable substitute for the endangered species in parfumery. It’s a delicate, woodsy scent.

The opening notes of Moena 12|69 immediately transport you to the depths of Peru where you land in a plush bed of cool, damp moss. The delicate young ginger spice warms you like a cup of tea before ushering you into the heart of the grove where you are met by the woodlands edge. The crackle of dry leaves gives way beneath your feet to the sweet ambery resins of the surrounding Moena grove.

It is like nothing you’ve ever smelled before, and yet all at once comforting and familiar – tapping into our most primal selves through nature. Moena 12|69 is the essence of the rainforest in the most luxurious and tangible form, blending the exquisite essence of Moena Alcanfor with memories, and a touch of magic and whimsy.

The rainforest has long been a source of healing, so bottling the elixirs found within it to use as perfume is a way to heal the soul. When I am wearing Moena 12|69 I feel a deep sense of comfort and connection to the earth; total grounding. There is a peace that comes over me when I dab on the perfume. I feel gratitude and appreciation for the work happening within the heart of the jungle sourcing the beautiful oils I get to adorn myself with.

In every fiber of Carta, you can feel the respect for the province, resources, and people who make this fragrance possible. Each bottle is brimming with carefully sourced essences and the 15ml bottles are refillable, introducing a sustainable aspect to this luxurious item. The bottles are sealed with traditional baudruchage – a thin membrane that seals around the stopper and is tied with silk cords and a wax seal.


To open this and maintain the unique integrity of this type of seal, simply cut the cord closely above the wax seal and underneath the knot. Voila, you will still have the beautiful adornments on your bottle! All that’s left to do is gently wiggle the stopper to break the thin membrane holding it shut. To apply your perfume, gently tilt the bottle to deposit fragrance onto the stopper; then dab the stopper on your pulse points for a long-lasting fragrance.

Carta’s Moena 12|69 is a beautiful tribute that honors timeless tradition within parfumery. If you are looking for a truly unique bottle of perfume that supports reforestation and sustainability, look no further than Carta. For anyone in the San Francisco Bay Area, Heather also offers fragrance classes!

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*This product was kindly gifted for my consideration, all thoughts are my own.

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