Manasi 7 Skin Enhancer

I had the opportunity to try the Manasi 7 All Over Color and was so highly impressed by the lines dedication to sustainability (and not to mention a top notch luxury product) that I had to try more! Meet the Skin Enhancer: a concentrated, multi-function product designed to beautify and perfect the skin.

The pot is the same style and size of the All Over Color, which I love in terms of uniformity and aesthetic. Side note: these jars will be great for housing other products while traveling or even jewelry. There is definitely a learning curve and it can take some getting used to if you’re more comfortable with foundations made with silicone or a higher oil content. The application tends to do the best when you don’t overwork the product, which I find true of most natural foundations and concealers.


I personally love mixing this with a little extra oil to sheer it out like a tinted moisturizer. The shade Sarcoline is a tad dark on me, though it will be perfect in the summer when I have a little more color. This can be built up as a concealer too where needed; you only need the tiniest amount to start with. As for the finish, it’s a semi-matte finish so I can forgo setting powder – it does get dewier and looks more like a skin finish as the day goes on without powder.

It’s a really comfortable product, but it takes a little practice if you normally use foundations that contain silicone. The application doesn’t have the same slip as a silicone based product, hence why I like an extra drop of oil. It is also  beneficial to work in smaller sections on your face by applying and blending in one area (i.e. forehead, then move on to the cheek, etc.) – rather than applying dots all over and coming back to them after working on a different area first. The product will have begun to set and will be harder to blend out if you let it oxidize, but that is also sort of a testament to it’s staying power. The exception to that is if you apply it like a tinted moisturizer (mixed with oil), which I suggest rubbing on like a lotion and adding more where needed. A brush or beauty sponge work great for smoothing areas that need more attention than your fingers can provide. Like I stated above though, make sure not to overwork the product.


Something unique about the Skin Enhancers – there are only 3 shades. There’s also a pure white enhancer to lighten shades and customize your color if you don’t match one of the shades available. I’m actually pretty curious about the white enhancer because it could help transition a lot of my foundations throughout the year. Unless you get both the initial shade and a second shade or the white mixer, this may not work for you. However, this would be a great line for a makeup artist because all that would be needed are 4 separate pots to create a multitude of shades. Like I mentioned, I chose the shade Sarcoline which is a light-medium shade with golden undertones, and it’s probably just a hint darker than my skintone. Beechwood is described as medium to dark with golden undertones. The darkest Shade is Jamocha, which is a very deep brown with golden-red undertones. Out of all the foundations I’ve tried in clean beauty, this is one of the few lines that has a truly rich, dark shade. The other I’ve seen is Vapour (which has a much sheerer, glowy finish).

 I love the overall dedication to sustainability that Manasi 7 practices and for the intensely pigmented formulas.

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*This product was both purchased and gifted. All thoughts are my own.




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  1. How interesting! I’ll have to keep this in mind when I restock my case throughout the year. XO Emma|Canvas of a Face


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