I’m finally changing my daily habits by incorporating sunscreen – and not just when it’s sunny. I partially avoided it in the past because I felt like I needed the vitamin D and also because it was another step in my routine. Not to mention, most sunscreens are made with chemical barriers like oxybenzone which are banned in many countries as well as are known to bleach corals. Suntegrity uses minerals to provide a physical barrier to the sun rather than chemical. There are several types of sunscreen available from Suntegrity for the face, both tinted and un-tinted.

The Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen and Primer really impressed me; it’s truly clear once rubbed in and leaves the skin feeling well moisturized without being greasy. I also felt like it made my makeup go on smooth and last longer than it normally does without…and it was great knowing my skin was protected from UVA/UVB all at the same time. This is made with a plethora of hydrating ingredients like aloe, red algae, and astaxanthin (which interestingly is believed to help protect the skin from UV damage as well). It’s SPF 30 and a great foundation by itself or underneath any other products.

If you tend to have drier skin or you like a more dewy appearance, the 5 in 1 Natural Moisturizing Sunscreen is a wonderful BB cream style product. Much like the Primer, this is made to hydrate and moisturize while depositing a very sheer tint of color to even out the skin while protecting from UVA and UVB rays. For me personally, this left me much dewier than I like (my skin is combination for what it’s worth). This is also SPF 30.

If you’re looking for a little more coverage, the Impeccable Skin is a great choice. It’s definitely not a full coverage product, but it evens out the skin nicely and has a slight blurring coverage. It can be built up to more of a medium coverage, but in my opinion it’s a light coverage. This also says ‘matte’ on the packaging, but I don’t find it to be matte either. It’s more of a natural/satin finish. With that being said, I actually really enjoy this product. It’s easy to throw on if you’re in a hurry and want coverage and sun protection, and it can be applied with fingertips making this a really user friendly product. This also works great under normal foundation for a little extra coverage.

Vanish is a cleansing oil that breaks down sunscreen and makeup. It’s somewhat heavier than oil cleansers I’ve used before, but that’s actually great for breaking down sunscreen (and tough mascaras, too!) The first ingredient is olive oil to give you an idea of the weight of this cleanser. For most skin types, I would suggest following up with another cleanser afterwards since it’s heavier – unless you’re particularly dry. It does leave the skin feeling ridiculously soft though, and it smells like sweet orange.


Often forgotten when we apply sunscreen are our lips! That’s why the Lip C.P.R. lipsticks are so great. When you consider that sun damage is a cause of wrinkles, what better way to keep your pout supple than to use lip products that contain SPF? the C.P.R. stands for Color, Protect, & Revive. I love how this product feels on my lips. It isn’t heavy like a traditional lipstick and has a nice sheen, too. It’s made with avocado and grapeseed oils as well as shea and cocoa seed butter making it very moisturizing. The case is a slim metal tube too, making this easy to travel with. I received the shade Stargazer Bloom which is a cheery, cool pop of pink – perfect for spring and summer.

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*These products were kindly gifted for my consideration. 

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  1. Hi I really like the look of everything in you post. I’m a real fan of SPF in lipsticks, just makes so much sense.

    I’m not sure if we can get these in the UK 🇬🇧 though



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