EVOLVh SmartColor

Dear EVOLVh, I love you forever and ever. Amen.

Much like my beloved UltraShine Shampoo and Conditioner, the SmartColor line has my seal of approval as well. As an unnatural redhead (surprise!), I greatly appreciate anything that helps my color last longer. I find the original shampoo and conditioner make my hair look better for longer periods in between washes than many of the other natural shampoo/conditioner combos I’ve tried. This holds true with the SmartColor line as well, and I am so thankful because as my hair has gotten longer, it is such a chore to deal with!

Ain’t nobody got time for that.


SmartColor utilizes some different ingredients than UltraShine to help lock in color like the amino acid L-tyrosine (which is also featured in my beloved UltraRepair Mask), and seabuckthorn oil…is there anything seabuckthorn can’t do? I love it in skincare, so I’m not surprised that it’s a hair superhero, too. When I interviewed Boris, he mentioned approaching hair care like skin care so this is a beautiful ingredient to see included as it is high in vitamin-C; perfect as an ‘anti-aging’ ingredient. Kiwi seed oil is a rich essential fatty acid, but it maintains a lightweight feel. Kukui and baobab oils are incredibly rich moisturizers, too, yet none of these weigh the hair down.

Comfrey extract (symphytum officinale) is a soothing ingredient, perfect for sensitized or itchy scalps post color. It’s astringent in nature, but also can help condition the hair and is wonderful if you suffer from dandruff.

Ginkgo biloba is considered a vasodilator which can aid in circulation meaning this ingredient will help to bring oxygen rich blood to the scalp to nourish the follicles. It can also potentially aid in hair growth for that reason as it’s antioxidant rich. There are studies that suggest pumpkin seed oil may also aid in hair growth, so I am happy to see that in this formula also.

Yet another potentially growth stimulating ingredient is fenugreek (trigonella foenum-graecum seed extract). This ingredient is prized in many cultures for aiding in hair growth, but beyond that it’s used to help soften and detangle hair and add a luminous shine. I have actually done a DIY treatment with fenugreek for shine – it really does work!

Aside from hair growth, which has me geeking out because I’ve been trying to grow my hair out for foreverrr, it’s worth noting that these ingredients are meant for maintaining hair and scalp health which creates the optimal conditions for healthy hair growth. The scent of SmartColor is more citrusy than the rest of the hair care line (it reminds me of SmartBody). And I really do feel that it maintains my color!

The Shampoo makes my hair feel super clean post wash – I would say more so than the UltraShine Shampoo. The Conditioner absorbs into the hair in the same familiar manner as the UltraShine; I love that it doesn’t just sit on top of the hair! I do think the SmartColor conditioner is heavier/more moisturizing than UltraShine. SmartColor leaves my hair feeling balanced and hydrated. Another winner from EVOLVh.

SmartColor Shampoo

SmartColor Conditioner

SmartColor Duo

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*These products were gifted. I love EVOLVh.

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