Limitless Lash: Ilia

Fact: finding mascaras that do what I want performance-wise and don’t smudge or flake on me is like finding a needle in a haystack. The struggle is real.

While a mascara may be okay in terms of performance and not smudge, they often don’t give me the drama I personally want. I love big, fluttery, well defined lashes, and I have found that most ‘natural’ mascaras that have natural ingredients also look very natural in appearance. While that is great for a large majority of the population, when it comes to personal taste…I want some drama. I want lashes so long and fluffy they border looking like false lashes.

When I review mascaras, I typically explain what they do and leave my personal opinions of what I want from my mascaras out of it. Truth be told, it may not be a mascara I love personally in terms of appearance, but one that performs well (no smudging or flaking) and that someone else would love for what it does. I love gigantic lashes, and I understand my preference isn’t always shared by everyone else.

For a change of pace, this is an opinion piece. I love Ilia Limitless Lash. It is hands down the best clean mascara I have used I love the packaging, the brush, the formula, the richness of the color, the wear…all of it. It gives me the bold and dramatic look I want from my mascara. Hands down. Favorite.


The package is a sleek metal tube, no frills. It is straight forward and easy to work with. The brush is my favorite kind, a plastic silicone style brush. This wand doesn’t really have any flex when you push on it, which I like because it means it’s less likely to fling backwards towards your brow bone after you push it into your lashes. It also has one row of bristles that are slightly longer and can function like a lash comb to really define and separate your lashes.


The formula is the perfect creamy consistency. It’s a little more runny at first, but it thickens up after a few uses and doesn’t get clumpy over time which can be a problem with a lot of formulas. It adds lots of length which I personally love, a little volume, and makes your lashes perfectly defined. This also doesn’t weigh my lashes down, and in fact seems to add a lot of lift. I have the shade After Midnight, which is an extremely dark, jet black. The only time I notice smudging with this? Right before I take it off. This is a huge deal for me, considering how many mascaras smudge on me – typically within the first few hours.

This is in my opinion the perfect mascara. It works great on my lashes and the wear is phenomenal. If you like a plastic bristle brush, inky dark formula, lots of length/definition, and smudge-free wear, this may be the right mascara for you!

Shop all Ilia Beauty here


*This product was purchased by me and I love it.



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