Vered Divinité

Famed New York esthetician Vered Back is the master creator behind VERED organic Botanicals. Several years ago, I recall seeing an article about her and her hand crafted skincare and perfumes. At the time, I was just beginning my transition to clean beauty and searching far and wide for products and solutions.

Fast forward several years to present day me; blogging about all things related to natural beauty. 2019 has been an incredible year of discovery, especially regarding the natural fragrance world. In my search for the best in green beauty, I came across none other than Vered Organic Botanicals once again on my quest for clean fragrances.


There is so much I want to say about Divinité, so I will start with this:

I need a bottle of this, forever.

I have never smelled anything quite like it, nor do I ever think I will again. It is absolutely magical, and the most perfectly balanced gourmand fragrance I have ever experienced. Oftentimes, gourmand fragrances bear a signature cupcake-like resemblance which is overdone in this particular category – lacking depth and layers. I love cupcakes and all, but I expect more out of my perfume.

The opening notes of this perfume are bright, cheery, juicy, and a little sweet. There’s an immediate burst of citrus, but it only lasts a few minutes before the perfume begins to unfold. It’s a sweet surprise – I was not expecting citrus in this perfume since it’s not listed online. When I messaged Vered about it, I asked if it was bergamot I recognized in the top notes: nope, bitter orange. A citrus nonetheless though, and one that doesn’t sour on my skin. She mentioned that it also has litsea cubeba – a small fruit native to Asia – that adds some extra sweetness and more of that citrus hint that I detected.

The next layers of this perfume are delicate and warm in nature…quite comforting. It reminds me of the crisp, crackly, caramelized shell of a creme brulee (which happens to be one of my favorite desserts). There’s the rich scent of vanilla, but just a hint charred and smoky. It’s a complex variation of vanilla, not sickly sweet. It’s sophisticated and elegant. I also catch just a dash of rose: not your grandma’s powdery rose, but the kind that has more of an acidic bite to it. Fresh and lush.

The base of this perfume rests on a cacao pedestal. It’s smooth, buttery, and a touch chocolatey. Nuances of pink peppercorn and cinnamon waft in adding a pinch of spice which enhance the overall sweet and complex nature of Divinité without being an overpowering focal point in the perfume.

Divinité is the aroma of celestial beings and one that seduces the senses. It is an exquisite masterpiece of a fragrance.

A note on inspiration and ingredients from Vered:

“My work with perfumes is very unique. It’s the opposite of the conventional perfume world that cause diseases and symptoms on a daily basis. I work only with organic, vegan, therapeutic grade essential oils, absolutes, and CO2. All my perfumes are working on the immune system, nervous system, there for they are great for anxiety and lift the mood. They raise the vibration of the user. I do not strain my perfumes all the way because there are health benefits to the oils. I Recommend to re-apply every 2-3 hours since there are no toxic chemicals and preservatives to hold the scent like in conventional [fragrances]. It becomes one with the environment. It’s a whole new concept and consciousness. It’s my mission to make people understand the harm that they are doing to themselves by using conventional perfumes on their pulses every single day; it goes into the blood stream and causes so many health problems from asthma to cancer, to Alzheimer’s.”

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  1. Do you have men fragrances? If so what are the names….


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