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First things first, I love love love Hynt. This is my second haul and this one may be even more spectacular than the first, which is hard to top. If you missed it, here it is.


The Lumiere powder is a multi-tasker that punches some serious glow factor. It can be mixed in with moisturizer to create a primer, on bare skin to enhance the overall appearance, or over foundation to set without looking matte. It’s made with a multitude of oils to soothe and brighten, but also with corn starch and kaolin clay. It’s a very unique texture for this reason! It has an almost buttery feeling once buffed over the skin. If you’re looking for a powder that doesn’t look matte, or something to enhance the skin without looking like obvious makeup, this is a great pick.

Much like my love for the Aria Lipstick in Tierra Blush, I may love Peonies Please even more. Something about this color is just too perfect with my hair and skin. It’s somewhere between a red and pink which gives it some versatility. It is a punchy color, so this is a great color to throw on if you’re short on time but still want to look pulled together in a pinch. These Aria Lipsticks wear so comfortably, and for a really long time I might add! Plus, I love the cap which contains a mirror and balm for on the go touch-ups.


Brow pomades are notoriously hard for me to find given the color of my hair, but this one impressed me – the shade auburn is nearly a perfect match. And I love it. The consistency is more firm than the Plume brow pomade so I find this applies best by using an angled brush to create hair-like strokes. Because of how soft Plume is, I typically fluff it through my brows with a spoolie like a brow gel. The Hynt Eyebrow Definer stays all day though, and I love the look it gives my brows! They’re defined without looking painted on. This formula also contains castor seed oil to nourish the hair for healthier brows over time.

The Sweet Six Sahara Eyeshadow Palette is something of a little masterpiece – it’s even pretty just to look at! So many palettes these days are larger than I’d like to carry when traveling, so I was delighted to open up the palette to discover 3 dual-split pans. (This palette is the same size as the other Hynt palettes in case you were wondering.) There are some matte and shimmer shades, warm and neutral, and my personal favorite; a black shade that can be used as a liner which happens to wear all day for me without fading much. This palette will work well for a wide variety of skintones and because of the shade selection will transition easily from day to night. I highly recommend this palette!

Below: Sweet Six Sahara palette, Eyebrow Definer, Nocturne Mascara


The Nocturne Mascara is one I’ve wanted to try for quite some time now. I know a lot of people who use it and highly recommend it so I was thrilled to have the opportunity! This mascara has a classic style teddy bear brush with fairly dense bristles. It’s neither tiny or enormous, and I find the size is easy to maneuver around my eyes. I do get the occasional clump on the brush, but I find this is pretty common with traditional style brushes. I simply wipe them off either on the side of the tube or on a tissue. This mascara doesn’t create any clumps on my lashes and applies really smooth. The formula is jet black and does a great job holding curl and keeping my lashes lifted and fanned out. It gives a little length, but I would describe it as more volumizing and it’s definitely buildable. Generally speaking I don’t get much smudging from this mascara unless I go absolutely wild and apply a ton. Even when it does smudge, it isn’t a lot and it’s easy to buff out with my finger or a brush.

Hynt is such a love-it brand for me, literally everything I’ve tried has been absolutely perfect. I reach for at least one Hynt product a day, if that’s any indicator of my love for their products!

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*Note, these products were gifted, all opinions are my own. 


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  1. I had never heard of this brand before, but these products all sound lovely. I love the look you created, and that lipstick color is really nice.


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