Abbott NYC: Telluride


Adventurers Jose Alvarez and Michael Pass created Abbott NYC with the idea of capturing scent memories in fragrance form. Their deep love for the outdoors and environment inspires their collection; mountains, deserts, lush forests, and oceans are all poured into the heart and soul of Abbott.

The noses behind the fragrances are Antoine Lie (Armani Code, Ralph Lauren Romance for Men, Versace Crystal Noir) and Steven Claisse (Heaven Gap, Revlon’s Charlie White Musk, Marc Jacobs Splash Cotton).


Branching away from my normal floral cloud, I decided to try something bolder and more unisex. I love tonka bean in fragrances, so I decided to try Telluride (Antoine Lie).

The opening note of suede takes me back to my summer horseback riding adventures in Colorado. It’s bold and distinctive; I am instantly transported back to the mountainside. It reminds me of the russet colored English bridles adorning each horse. No they were not made of suede, but the leathery notes hit me all the same. There is such an incredible richness to this note. It’s unmistakable.

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The smooth notes of sandalwood that are woven throughout the fragrance hit me next. Woodsy and refined, sandalwood normally pulls quite strong on me, but I find in this fragrance it is well balanced and tempered by the other notes. It’s like walking into a great lodge that’s adorned with luxury decor; think a large, heavy sandalwood dish splayed across a marble coffee table, with delicate orchids housed in the center.

I also get a hint of cardamom. It’s a subtle spice which I find intriguing, but not overpowering. I think of the Swedish buns my grandmother used to make for fika (a Swedish coffee break, typically a social event and with little snacks). This is pure nostalgia for me. It’s just the right amount of spice without pulling too peppery on my skin.

The final dry down is the rich and alluring note of tonka beans. This to me is like the sexy grown-up version of vanilla. It’s much more dry in nature than vanilla, but adds a warmth I adore in fragrances.

All of the notes in this blend are refined and elegant. None are overpowering. This blend wears pretty linear on me with very little changes; I would say it softens out just a touch as the day wears on.

This is for the woman who knows what she wants in life. She us unapologetic, driven, and undeniably sexy. For men, it wears as rugged yet refined. I love this on myself but it wears equally well on my husband!

Smooth suede. Subtle Spice. Soft woods.

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When I asked Jose the story behind Telluride, he told me, “Telluride was inspired by a trip Michael and I took up there with a group of friends of ours. The town is meaningful to both of us as we grew up going there and love the cowboy feel of the town and vastness of the Rockies. We wanted to make a fragrance with a nod to the history of cowboys there which is why we used leather/suede as one of the main notes of the fragrance.”

All Abbott NYC fragrances are paraben/phthalate/dye/aluminum free, as well as vegan and cruelty free. Fragrances are a blend of natural and synthetic materials.

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  1. This one sounds lovely! Great review 😊


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