Purple Daydream: Manasi 7 Heliotrope All Over Color


Scandinavian simplicity and quality converge in Manasi 7. My Swedish roots are absolutely tickled opening the sturdy, recycled packaging. The delicate printed label that adorns the box notates the 7 ways their company is different, and I’m absolutely delighted.

The Principles of Manasi 7

  1. Slow: small-scale production at a sustainable pace
  2. Select: curated ingredients and shades made in small batches to ensure premium quality
  3. Pure: no parabens, silicones, GMO’s, palm oil, nano, mineral oil, gluten, or synthetic raw materials
  4. Natural: harnessing the potency and natural effectiveness of minerals, flowers, and wild plants
  5. Simple: a conscious collection of essential beauty products
  6. Symbiotic: merging the performance of conventional beauty products with certified organic
  7. Contemporary: inspired by nature and personal expression



Before I even open the small white pot of All Over Color (Heliotrope) which is 100% reusable and recyclable, I am already in love with the ethical and sustainable practices of the company. I twist off the lid and I’m greeted with a vibrant, rich, royal purple hue. I swipe my finger across the top and onto the back of my hand and I am shocked how pigmented the cream is! I expected it to pull more cool toned, as it’s described as a blue based purple online, but I was actually delighted to see a more pink undertone. It is a cool tone indeed, but it definitely isn’t a cornflower blue tone like I expected.




I head to a mirror and smear it onto my lips. Oh my…it’s absolutely gorgeous! I haven’t found many true purple lip colors in natural beauty, and not only is it purple, it’s absolutely perfect. Out of sheer curiosity at this point (and because it’s an all over color), I dab a little on my cheeks and buff it out. It leaves the prettiest wash of lilac-pink behind. As an eye color, it doesn’t move much either despite the creamy formula. I should also add, it is highly pigmented, therefore a tiny bit goes a really long way. This can be built up very easily and can look couture and editorial in a flash.




The ingredients in this adhere to the Manasi 7 principles and are listed online as: castor seed oil, sweet almond oil, beeswax, candellila wax, caprylic triglyceride (from coconut oil), apricot kernel oil, glycerin (vegetable), carnauba wax, shea butter, ethyl vanillin, tocopherol (non-GMO vitamin E), CI 77891, CI 45410, CI 42090

The formula is smooth, hydrating, and creamy but wears like a stain. Even after eating, I’m left with the prettiest cool pink tone on my lips. On my cheeks it stays put until I wash it off.

Next to try from Manasi 7: the Precision Mascara and Skin Enhancer! Stay tuned. I’m absolutely in love with this brand.


Shop all Manasi 7 here

(Heliotrope is not available on Goop)


*Note, this product was kindly gifted from Manasi 7. I am beyond grateful. All opinions are my own – I strongly recommend this brand from a performance standpoint and for being highly sustainable. 

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