Honest Review about Honest Beauty Mascara

Mascara junkie, checking in here. I am obsessed with trying mascaras and feel like I’m on the forever hunt for the perfect mascara. I love the way it can open up your eyes and make you look instantly more alert and perky. My eyes are deep set, so I often run into smudges on my upper brow bone. If a mascara can wow me by the way it looks and not smudge, I consider it a winner! If we’re being honest, having both of those attributes is a rarity.


I’ve seen Honest Beauty Extreme Length Mascara + Lash Primer in Target on numerous occasions and I finally purchased it on a whim. On one end, it has a white primer, and on the other end is the actual mascara. The primer brush is very thin and holds a lot of product – the actual length of the wand is very short. The mascara wand is cone shaped and has silicone bristles. Having tried various mascaras, I personally find that plastic bristles work best for my eyelashes. They seem to lift and hold a curl better than their natural bristle counterparts, and they typically function like a lash comb providing better definition. Also for whatever reason, I tend to get less on my eyelids during application when using these. After you apply the primer, you wait 30 seconds or so and apply the actual mascara. I try not to wait too long between applying the primer and mascara because I find the mascara goes on more smoothly when the primer isn’t fully dry.


 One coat of the mascara and my lashes are long, thick, inky, and lifted. Two coats borders on looking like false lashes…I’m not mad about it! This mascara definitely lives up to the claim of lifting lashes!After a full day of wear, this doesn’t leave smudges on my brow bone. Cue the hallelujah chorus! When I want a really amped up lash look, this is a great mascara to grab. It’s quick and easy but wears beautifully.


Shop Honest Beauty Lengthening Mascara here


This post was updated on Nov. 5th, 2022.

3 responses to “Honest Review about Honest Beauty Mascara”

  1. I love your review and love this mascara! It may not be 100% clean, but it is way cleaner than conventional and it makes it worth trying!


  2. What mascara would you recommend that would give my thinning eyelashes some volume and length and sticking with the organic and clean mascara’s. Also, any that don’t run or leave raccoon eyes? Thanks


    1. I love this Honest mascara, it definitely gives me the most volume out of my go-tos! Ilia Limitless Lash is also a favorite of mine, with a little less volume than Honest, and also the new Bellissima Mascara from Honeybee Gardens does a good job of adding some volume and length (although I find the latter two picks to be more lengthening). Sappho is a beautiful lengthening mascara, and ranks as a consistent favorite of mine, but it doesn’t add as much volume, more length and definition. Hope this helps!


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