Harvey Prince Perfumes

My first introduction to Harvey Prince Perfumes came several years ago: I received a small rollerball of Hello, a bright cheery citrus based fragrance. This was long before my clean beauty journey began. Little did I know, we’d meet again.

I received the perfume Sincerely. It’s described as ‘The scent that transports you’. Oh girl, did they hit the nail on the head with that description! I’ve spent much of my life daydreaming about far away places, and this scent encapsulates the idea of a luscious weekend getaway spent on a sun-drenched patio overlooking the Indian ocean, delicate flowers wafting through the breeze. If you could bottle wanderlust and elegance, you’d get Sincerely.


The first note my nose detects is freesia. It’s a juicy, sweet smelling floral without being outright ‘fruity’. It is the driving force of this fragrance! Next up, I catch a whiff of bergamot which adds a touch more sweetness but also a fresh component. Bergamot is lovely in perfumes because it is sweet without smelling too candy-like, as well as not pulling overly zesty the way lemon notes can.

Delving deeper into this fragrance, the seductive blooms of tuberose swirl graciously into the mix. These night blooms always add a hint of sophistication and mystery to fragrances. Delicate rose petals are also in this bouquet of heart notes, but it doesn’t add an overly powdery element thanks to the fresh notes of cyclamen blooms. Cyclamen is best described as being similar to lily of the valley; a little clean and sweet smelling.

The strongest base note that I can smell is the silky smooth note of sandalwood. Sandalwood is a very soft woodsy scent in comparison to something sharp like pine. It’s much lighter and sweeter in comparison to some woodsy notes – almost vanilla-like. It adds a lovely rich grounding component to this blend. There is also suggestion of cedarwood, but it’s just a whisper and not an aggressive note. Clove is mentioned as an ingredient, but I don’t detect it as I’m pretty sensitive to clove notes.

Final thoughts: clean, sophisticated, and just a touch of sweetness and warmth.

I was also gifted trial sprays of the fragrances Bailando and Perfumista. They both could be clean dupes for two very popular scents!

If you are a fan of Flowerbomb, Bailando will steal your heart. I wore Flowerbomb on my wedding day and have missed that fragrance so much since switching to clean beauty. Bailando actually in my honest opinion smells better than Flowerbomb! It opens with mandarin and orange blossoms, but is tempered by creamy notes of jasmine, vanilla, and clean musks. It isn’t quite as spicy as Flowerbomb, but it’s equally intoxicating.

Perfumista would be a great swap if you’re a fan of Light Blue; it has a light citrus topnote with a base of cedarwood. Interestingly, this shares many of the same notes as Sincerely, but I find they smell very, very different!

Want to try Harvey Prince?

Click here for your own roller ball of ‘Hello’

Use code Wholly (just pay for shipping)

*Product gifted for consideration, all thoughts are my own.

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  1. You had me at wanderlust in a bottle…then you add bergamot?! That’s one of my favorite fragrance notes đź’ś

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