Heretic Parfums: Dirty Jasmine & Pistil Whip

What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘heretic’?

In non-religious jargon, it can simply mean “to go against the norm”. Heretic Parfums does exactly that by using the purest of ingredients that are 100% natural. No synthetics, parabens, or harsh chemicals. This is a brand that maintains the original heart of perfumery by using the purest of ingredients hand blended in high concentrations. The creator and perfumer, Douglas Little, believes in transparency.

I received the fragrances Dirty Jasmine and Pistil Whip.


Dirty Jasmine. My heart belongs to jasmine fragrances, and this is no exception. Rich and exotic, this is a strong jasmine fragrance through and through. There are some bright tea notes up front, and then the fragrance delves into buttery notes of ylang ylang and tuberose, but the heart and whole of this fragrance is jasmine. Big, bold, sexy jasmine. It’s simple and straight forward. Imagine you were to walk through a lush garden…arches dripping in creamy blooms and vines and soft dewy grass beneath your feet: bottle that image and you get Dirty Jasmine. It’s positively addictive. The sillage and wear time on this is phenomenal, also. Truth be told, I could bathe in this perfume. It’s that good.


Pistil Whip is absolutely spellbinding. This fragrance is like nothing I’ve ever smelled, but at the same time I am so comforted by it. It’s one of those perfumes that draws you in for a second whiff just because you are trying to place the notes. The strongest and most immediate note that jumped out to me was the tiarre flower – a.k.a. gardenia – which I adore and find to be rare in parfumery, especially in the natural perfume world. Think jasmine-like in nature, except more tropical; a hint softer and sweeter. Also, instantly present and recognizable to my nose is the smooth, velvety note of tuberose. Beyond the opulent white florals though, a hint of pink peppercorns comes out to play in the most delicate way. Pepper in perfumes often pull strong on my skin, but that isn’t the case with Pistil Whip. The final note, and the one I am presuming is what I had a hard time placing is the lapsang souchong. It’s known as a ‘smoked tea’, which adds a bit of mystery to the perfume overall and makes the wear time exraordinary. I am captivated by this fragrance and really love when I’ve had my hair up and let it down catching a whiff of it all over again; I can even smell it on my pillow in the morning. This perfume is truly a rare breed, blending delicate white florals and smoldering base notes into a juxtaposed yet harmonious symphony.

highly recommend Heretic Parfums if you’re looking to transition to clean fragrances- both of these picks have captured my heart and blown me away.

**Sadly, both of these fragrances have been discontinued, but you can still shop their available fragrances below.

Shop all Heretic Parfums here

*Please note: I was gifted these fragrances in exchange for my review. All thoughts are my own. 

2 responses to “Heretic Parfums: Dirty Jasmine & Pistil Whip”

  1. Pistil whip sounds like my kind of scent! It is so great to see more clean perfume houses on the rise!


  2. […] am no stranger to Heretic, and have previously reviewed another one of their beautiful jasmine fragrances. While Dirty Jasmine has a much more green […]


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