My skin’s new best friend: the Elevare+



We’re all familiar with the concept. It’s everywhere – Magazines, creams, the latest celebrity  dermatology obsessions (hello vampire facials) and how to fight it. The truth is, aging happens to all of us, and it’s a privilege! Aging means you’ve lived to see another day, and that is something none of us should take for granted.

However, as I approach 30, I want to age gracefully. I am now seeing early signs of fine lines on my face and something that much of my generation will deal with at some point: ‘text neck’. You know what I’m referring to – those horizontal (and even sometimes vertical) lines on your neck that make you look like a turkey with a gobble. Given our cultural obsession with technology, I don’t foresee that improving as the years go on.

So what’s a girl to do?

My focus as I move closer to the next decade of my life is to focus on ‘youth preservation’. It just sounds so much nicer than ‘anti-aging’, doesn’t it? There’s always the route of going to a dermatologist and having treatments done, but that’s both incredibly time consuming and expensive. There are also fillers, but that’s just not for me personally – at least not at this stage in my life. Photo facials are increasingly popular for evening skintone and smoothing texture, so that got me thinking…

What other kinds of light therapy are available and how can I utilize them for myself?


2018-11-17 02.22.31 2.jpg


Meet Elevare+, an at home red and infra-red light therapy device which deeply rejuvenates the skin. This tool is capable of boosting collagen production (which helps both smooth and plump the skin), decreasing acne and scarring, and evening out pigmentation. It’s an FDA approved medical device that was first utilized by NASA in clinical trials regarding healing human tissue.

How does it work?

The light passes 3 millimeters through the skin’s surface, down through the epidermis, dermis, and deeply into the hypodermis where the greatest cellular renewal occurs. It penetrates the skin, boosting circulation and thus strengthening collagen by delivering nutrient rich blood to the tissue. What sets the Elevare+ apart from it’s competitors is the depth at which the infrared light penetrates the skin: it’s 10x stronger than it’s competitors.

When I initially read testimonials, some people claimed to have seen an improvement after just one use.

‘There’s no way’, I thought.

If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. I’m a ‘see it to believe it’ kind of girl, personally. My curiosity was piqued though, so I charged the device overnight, washed my face and took some before photos. I used the wand over my clean, bare face for 15 minutes, followed by my neck for another 15 minutes. I focused on the deep grooves and lines that have formed over the years, including the dreaded ‘text neck’. The entire process was incredibly easy –  you simply apply gentle pressure which activates the light and move in circular motions while avoiding the eyelids (the lights are very strong so you have to make sure to close your eyes while maneuvering around them).

Before applying moisturizer (which is the next step, post treatment) I took a round of after pictures. Holy smokes, I could actually see a difference!!! My skin looked more plump and smooth, but the most notable improvement I could see was in my neck. I was shocked. See for yourself! No moisturizer added, same lighting, zero filters. (For the sake of my study, I will reference the initial before photo on the left, and the updated progressions on the right.)

First session:


The next day post treatment, some active acne I had on my cheeks actually flaked off. It was like it had dried up from the inside out overnight. My husband came home from work and told me how nice my skin looked; I told him ‘Thank Elevare’. He thought I had only used it on my neck – he didn’t realize I used it on my face, too! For him to notice an improvement without me telling him is a testament to how quickly this device works on improving the skin.

For the first month, the instructions are to use the device 3x/week, so I decided on a Monday/Wednesday/Friday routine. The second session I noticed an even bigger change than the first time! Everything was starting to look smoother only over a few short days!


Left: October 16th, Right: October 18th



Left: October 16th, Right: December 25th


Out of sheer curiosity, I decided to test out the Elevare+ on some stretch marks that formed around my hips and thighs early in pregnancy. My thought process was that if it works to stimulate collagen, perhaps it will help the stretch marks to lighten since they’re caused from a loss in the skin’s collagen elastin fibers. Much to my delight, it works! The results took a little longer to notice major changes, but they definitely lightened and faded within a months time and have continued to improve with consistent usage.


Left: October 17th, Right: November 13th


Left: October 17th, Right: December 25th


Even though I don’t have many wrinkles on my face, I have several fine lines on my forehead and around my eyes which I have noticed a significant reduction in their intensity. Some of my freckles have lightened, and my pores have shrunk which makes my makeup apply smoother. I also have noticed a reduction in the amount of acne on my face (both active and post-acne marks).



Top: Oct. 16th, Bottom: Dec. 24th


After 8 weeks, I have noticed phenomenal changes in my skin by reducing fine lines, acne, pore size, and even stretch marks.  The overall simplicity of the device makes it easy to use at the end of the day during my nightly routine. I’m thrilled with the results, especially because there are no harsh or unnecessary chemicals used with light therapy. The added bonus of being able to perform the treatments yourself from home makes this device worth every penny. If you’re looking for non-invasive ways to treat your skin whether it’s preventative or retroactive, I can say confidently that the Elevare+ is a fantastic addition to a skincare routine!


I will continue to update with pictures throughout 2019 – I cannot wait to see what prolonged use will do to the skin!


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4 responses to “My skin’s new best friend: the Elevare+”

  1. I want one of those


  2. […] during this time trying the Gravity Reverse Body Serum, I stopped treating my stretch marks with my Elevare + deep infrared device to gauge the full effect of the serum without anything to skew the […]


  3. Hello! Thanks for your review! Just wondering if you are still using the Elevare and how it has continued to work for you?

    Thanks so much!


    1. Hello! I still use it multiple times per week and feel that it has continued to improve my skin – especially the fine lines and some small pigmentation issues on my face. It also really seems to help with stretch marks. I will post updated photos soon!


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