Sultra Hairstyling Irons


Way back when I was in cosmetology school, I shadowed as an apprentice in a salon. I got to learn the various workings of salon life, as well as see and try various tools of the trade! One of the professional tools I got to try, was none other than Sultra’s straightening iron. It slid through the hair effortlessly and left the hair silky smooth and shiny.

When I saw Sultra’s Bombshell Oval Clipless Curl Rod ($99),  I was very curious what the end result would be; different shapes of wands produce different curls. Per their website, this iron creates ” flirty, modern, messy curls and waves in half the time”. I can personally attest to the truth in this statement…it makes perfect Victoria’s Secret hair! Volumized, beachy textured waves with a mega-watt shine.

2018-11-07 09.03.01 2.jpg

Because it’s a wand and you simply wrap the hair around it, and you won’t end up with clamp marks. The unique shape of this rod mimics curling with a flat iron without needing the dexterity and coordination to clamp and rotate while gliding down the hair. This iron heats to 395 degrees and has a ceramic coating which means it distributes heat evenly throughout the iron. It also uses ionic technology to help smooth the hair as well as utilizing near infrared rays which lessen the damaging effects of styling tools.


I can curl my whole head with this iron in roughly 10 minutes, and the curls last for days. They don’t change much from when I initially style my hair, perhaps just loosening a little. Because of the user friendly nature of this iron, the smoothing technology, and unique shape, this iron gets two thumbs up from me. If you struggle to create the perfect ‘undone’ look either with a curling iron or flat iron waves, this is the iron for you! Minimal effort, maximum payoff.

Speaking of flat irons, I also got the Afterhours Thermalite Style ($189), Wave, and Straighten Iron and let me just say…it is hands down the best flat iron I have ever used. Ever. I was a dedicated Solano user for years (which is also a fantastic iron), but the Afterhours Thermalite produces the most shine I’ve ever seen from a flat iron. I was surprised my hair looked that glossy just from straightening it! The plates don’t snag or snarl the hair, and my hair felt silky soft in no time.

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When choosing a flat iron, one of the most important features in my opinion is having a temperature dial. I am a firm believer that when it comes to smoothing out the hair, you want to be able to control how hot the iron is. All hair is different, and I definitely don’t agree with a one size fits all approach; I’ve seen way too many people scorch their hair with a flat iron. You can always tell if your iron has been too hot as the very tips of your hair will take on a slightly lighter color and seem ‘crinkled’ and need more attention to smooth them out. I highly recommend a haircut if you notice this because at this point the hair is very fragile; I’ve seen breakage starting just a few inches from the scalp from irons being too hot! This iron can heat up to 440 degrees.

This iron has not only digital temperature buttons, but the addition of an ionic setting and an infrared setting. When switching on the ionic setting, you are making the hair frizz free and helping to maintain moisture within the hair. Given how soft and shiny this makes the hair, I’m a believer that it works! The infrared setting helps to promote healing of the hair – which certainly isn’t a bad idea when using hot tools. It has titanium plates and a 9′ cord which I am personally a fan, especially for salon usage.

The beauty of flat irons is that you can create many different looks with just one tool! In the picture above, I straightened my hair one day, and made it wavy another. If you’re looking for a tool with maximum diversity potential, this is the way to go!

Tip for making your curls and waves last longer: at night, loosely pull your hair into a high ponytail with a silk or satin scrunchy. This prevents your hair from tangling or getting fuzzy from rubbing on a pillow, and it also keeps your hair from absorbing face products. I’ve had the same scrunchies for years, you can find ones like these on Amazon.


*I was gifted these products in exchange for my review, but please do not let that detract from my statements. I’ve used various irons over the years, and I love and highly recommend Sultra; they are professional tools. All thoughts are my own. 

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