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I am geeking out over all the EVOLVh products I’ve been using.


This is a verrrry detailed post, so if you’re looking for an in depth review of EVOLVh hair products, look no further! I am so excited to be able to share my thoughts about this brand because, well…it’s all fantastic.

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Having worked in the hair industry, I have worked with many products of various quality levels ranging from drugstore to luxury. I have seen what certain products do to the hair in terms of health and performance, some leaving the hair feeling healthier vs. actually making it healthier. Many products contain cheap ingredients with high levels of alcohol which first dehydrate the hair and then lay down a coating of wax to make the hair feel ‘healthy’…no thank you.

My transition into natural hair care has taken me down many paths before I finally found what works – one adventure involved a shampoo bar, which a dear friend asked  when she’d receive a picture of said bar with a knife in it. There were some rather…frustrating and interesting moments during that transition period. I’m not knocking shampoo bars at all because I think they can be awesome, especially in terms of minimal packaging and formulas, however now that my hair is longer I found it needed more moisture; something a little more complex, nourishing, and hydrating.

I’ve tried quite a few natural brands from health food stores, all of which were okay. Then one day I met EVOLVh, Luxury Organic Haircare. You may have seen my previous post reviewing the Smart Volume Leave-in conditioner and Super Polish Finishing Balm. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to expand my repertoire to include the UltraShine Shampoo & Conditioner, the UltraRepair Masque,  the new version of the SmartVolume Leave-in Conditioner, and the TotalControl Styling cream. EVOLVh is 100% naturally derived, with a majority of the ingredients being organic (except things like water, of course).

I’ll start with the Shampoo. Initial impression: this stuff is highly concentrated. So much so, that I used a raspberry-sized amount for all of my hair which now cascades down my back hitting between the lower part of my shoulder blades. Many organic shampoo’s that I’ve used lather minimally compared to most salon formulas, but EVOLVh really surprised me by making a rich, sudsy foam. Post-shampoo, my hair didn’t feel tangled or stripped of moisture as some shampoos can – it was quite the opposite actually. I followed up with a similar sized dollop of the Conditioner (I’m a conditioner gal, I’ve tried going without to help my hair have more volume but it gets too dry!) then proceeded to style my hair.

First I sprayed in about 6 pumps of the SmartVolume Leave-in Conditioner all over my hair. I then applied the TotalControl Styling Cream, focusing mostly at the roots per the instructions, and quickly combed through my hair before blow drying. After getting my hair roughly 80% dry, I sectioned it into 6 sections and after round brushing each section I rolled it onto a velcro roller to help the hair hold a little bend and volume. After completing the top, I moved on to the bottom, sectioning it in the same manner as the top. Once all of my hair was pinned up in rollers, I went to do my makeup so the rollers could cool. It helps set the shape, which after you blow out your own hair, you want it to hold after putting in all that work!

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Just before leaving for dinner with friends, I quickly took out all the rollers and lightly brushed my hair, then tousled some SuperFinish Polishing Balm through the ends. I felt really good about my hair; It was soft and shiny, but still felt hydrated and bouncy (often in hair care, these two qualities are a juxtaposition and it’s nearly impossible to achieve without caking your hair in products). Throughout the night, I didn’t notice my volume fall at all. The true test would be if it would it last after sleeping on it?!

And the answer to that question is YES. A big, fat, yes! If you’ve ever had your hair blown out, you know how disheartening it is when the results don’t last overnight. Well my friends, I’m here to tell you EVOLVh didn’t let my hair down…literally. In fact, my hair had hardly changed since I finished styling it the night before!

Now that you know my thoughts on the performance of the products, lets delve into the ingredients that make this brand special! EVOLVh uses all natural ingredients and essential oils; they are very forthcoming about what ingredients go into their products.

(Per their website)

Achillea Millefolium Extract, Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Extract, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract, Cymbopogon Schoenanthus Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Black Walnut Leaves, Apple, Sambucus Nigra Flower Extract, Hedera Helix (Ivy) Extract, Rosa Canina Flower Extract, Chondrus Crispus (Carrageenan) Extract, Blue Agave, Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract, Symphytum Officinale Leaf Extract, Agrimony, Alfalfa, Apricot, Birch Bark, Blue Flag Root Extract, Rosa Canina Flower Extract, Meadowfoam

Also, they are free of parabens, sulfates, gluten, alcohol (which is almost unheard of in haircare!!!), silicones, phthalates, propelene glycol, zero animal testing, and they only use sustainably sourced palm oil from RSPO certified producers (which is an organization to protect the land and people where palm oil sourced from; only 10% of palm plantations are certified through RSPO). I was also curious about what SmartScent was, as it was listed in all of the products, and thankfully there was also a section covering that on the website. It’s comprised of natural ingredients/essential oils, and is bio hazard and petroleum free.

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The UltraShine Shampoo is color safe, and good for basically every hair type. The formula starts off with the patent pHytoBlend of 20 herbs, and then lists some surfactants to break down oil and products. Most of the surfactants end in the word glucose-all of which I checked in the EWG database and have very low/negligible ratings. Cocamidopropyl betaine is another surfactant with a slightly higher EWG rating (but still maintaining a low score, I might add) than the ones ending in ‘glucose’, however, it seems to be due to the possible contamination of impurities like 3-dimethlaminopropylamine…personally, I experienced no allergic reactions or irritation which are the primary concerns on the EWG site. The formula also contains seaweed extract which is beneficial for hair by imparting fatty acids, minerals and vitamins-hellooooo shiny, healthy hair!

The UltraShine Conditioner is also color safe and beneficial to all hair types. It starts with the patent pHytoBlend of 20 herbs, and then delves into the conditioning agents. The first is brassicamidopropyl dimethlymine, followed by dicapryl succinate and brassica glucose which are plant derived emolients; and they are alternatives to palm emulsifiers. Safflower and sunflower guard against heat and UV damage as well as condition the scalp for healthy hair growth. I am super curious to hear from those of you with super thick/curly/coarse hair how the shampoo/conditioner perform, as I was VERY pleased with how my hair felt afterwards. Both the Shampoo and Conditioner are also silicone free.

The last of the in-shower treatments is the UltraRepair Reconstructing Masque. It’s a buttery soft formula that melts into the hair easily, and has a nice amount of slip as you rinse it out. I could definitely tell my hair felt healthier post use. It contains the patent pHytoBlend and a high concentration of amino acids to help fortify and add elasticity to the hair. I love the way this one smells…it reminds me of raspberries.

On to products: The SmartVolume Leave-in Conditioner is lightweight for those of us with fine hair (or those who just want something lightweight and non-sticky to spray in post shower!). The formula promises to protect against heat/UV damage by using rice bran and cumin seed oils, flax to thicken and add body without drying the hair out (like I mentioned, most products contain alcohol to boost volume…bonus points in my book for not using alcohol!), and moisturize/add shine with bergamot and raspberry leaf oils. Just to test this product on it’s own, while visiting humid, rainy Texas I sprayed only this in my hair without using the UltraShine Shampoo and Conditioner and my hair air dried nearly frizz free!

Last but not least, the TotalControl Styling Cream. I had no idea how this product would perform, only because I hadn’t tried one in the world of clean beauty. In my years behind the chair I’d used all kinds of creams and mousses to manipulate the hair adding volume and hold, but using a cream that performs like a hydrating mousse…that was a new experience. It felt strange rubbing a cream into my roots; I imagined my hair looking stuck together like gel or somehow weighed down despite the ‘volumizing’ title on the bottle. I was wrong. SOOOOO wrong. After blow drying my hair looked fantastic and bouncy! I attribute this product in particular to why my hair still had a pretty shape the following morning. The ingredient list is pretty simple on this one; flax, mallow, and chamomile to add moisture, volume and shine. One ingredient that caught my eye in particular though was corn starch. I’ve seen DIY recipes all over Pinterest for dry shampoo, and you’ve probably even heard of starching clothing and fabric to make them crisp. No wonder this works so well in a volumizing product, you’re basically starching your strands into place! And at the same time, now that the roots of the hair are coated with it, it helps to prevent oil from ruining your style! Yeah, that’s brilliant. Despite being ‘starch’, my hair didn’t feel stiff at all.

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Overall, this brand receives an A+ in my book. I have been so happy with the results that I can both see and feel. I’m picky when it comes to hair care, and I’m thrilled to have found a brand whose products live up to the quality I crave and that I can trust. I have no doubt that this brand will continue to create beautiful, safe products and I look forward to seeing what’s next!

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*I was gifted these products in exchange for my thoughts and review.

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