Lauren lives in northern California with her husband, two snuggly little lap dogs, and a mischievous cat. Her passion for fashion and beauty from a young age led to her become a licensed hairdresser and helped her hone in on her passion for helping others to see the best in themselves. Her unquenchable thirst… Continue Reading →

Hi! I’m Lauren.

I live in Northern California with my husband, daughter, two snuggly little lap dogs, and a mischievous cat. My passion for fashion and beauty from a young age led to me to pursue a career in beauty; I became a licensed hairdresser which created the space for me to help others see the best in themselves every day.

I have gone the route of being ‘super green’, forgoing hair dye, skipping nail polish…I even tossed all my makeup and had about 5 products at one point! That didn’t feel true to who I am though. I am glam to my core and an artist at heart. I love wearing nail polish and dying my hair…I see my face as a canvas that I have the opportunity to paint every day.

My mission is to find healthier alternatives to conventional products; it is my goal to bring you the safest, most natural, and effective swaps to your favorites! Not everything I use may be ‘clean’ by everyone’s standards (after all, there is no true definition to clean beauty and it’s entirely personal what ingredients you want in your products!), but know I will never recommend something I wouldn’t use on myself. I aim to show people that beauty products can be made with beneficial ingredients to nourish from the inside out while maintaining creative license with their looks.

I also have a passion for sustainable fashion. After learning more about the fast fashion industry, it weighed heavily on my heart and it is my goal to find companies who treat their employees ethically and supply a livable wage. It is also important to me that the sourcing of materials doesn’t deplete the environment of resources or create toxic waste. I’m a believer that less is more and that having a capsule wardrobe filled with pieces you truly love is far more valuable than the latest trends. Sustainability is always en Vogue!

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