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Herbed Garlic Butter: the Simple Trick to Transform Any Meal

“Is butter a carb?”

                                                                                   -Regina George, Mean Girls


Staying home lately due to Covid-19 has meant that I am cooking a lot, and not only that, but I am seeking savory comfort meals, too. My favorite easy thing to make lately that really amps up the wow factor of any dish is herbed garlic butter!



It’s very simple:

  • 4 oz. butter left out to soften slightly (I like Kerrygold)
  • 2 cloves juicy, fresh, raw garlic (you could also roast this ahead of time)
  • Handful of herbs, chopped
  • Extra dash of salt


That’s it! I grow herbs in my back yard and for my batch have used oregano, thyme, and sage, but you can use whatever you fancy! I also highly recommend growing herbs because they’re so easy and will transform any dish without adding many calories. I personally love the pungent taste of raw garlic, however you could roast this ahead of time for a milder taste. If you’re using this butter to cook with, it will cook the garlic.



A few ideas to use it with: add a shmear of this butter to crusty french bread before popping into the oven to make garlic bread; plop a dollop in a pan to fry eggs (delicious); fry rice or pasta with it; use it to dress up steamed or roasted veggies! The sky is the limit with this simple condiment. It has been such a hit in my house lately so I had to share it!



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