My Must Have Pair of Flats: Tieks

Have you ever seen a cute, chic-dressed gal on the street and thought, “Wow, I love her style!” only for her to start hobbling away a few seconds later because her oh-so-trendy shoes don’t fit oh-so-well?

The right pair of shoes can not only complete your look, but aid you in basic functions – like walking down the street. And let’s be honest…being able to move gracefully and pain-free should be at the top of everyone’s priority list!

Our shoes carry us through our daily lives, around the globe, through parks and rough terrains, and keep us going. Poor fitting shoes that rub blisters onto our tootsies are a surefire way to slow us down. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have gone on a vacation only for my shoes to break, have holes rip into them, or rub my heels raw. After much research, I came across Tieks.

20200113_143031 (1).jpg

4 years ago I did something I had never done before…I dropped $175 on a pair of flats! I never dreamed that a pair of shoes could be worth that much, but there’s nothing like a classic pair of flats. It was one of the most bougie purchases I had ever made up to that point, but today I would argue it’s one of the best investments I’ve made. My teal soled, cognac colored Chestnut Tieks have seen me around the world, through grocery trips, even through rain showers without so much as a single blister.

Even after 4 years, my first pair are still going strong thanks to some regular t.l.c. I’ve had to repair the stitching on the back, but with annual leather conditioning they look almost as good as new and have proven to be an investment piece in my wardrobe. I have worn them more than any other shoe in my closet. Paying more up front has saved me in the long run on constantly buying new shoes, which is also a great way to reduce waste. Hello, sustainability!

What is it that makes Tieks so special?

They are hand crafted in Italy, taking 3 days to produce by using 150 steps. The leather is tumbled, resulting in the softest and most comfortable finish.

The sole is made of flexible, well-treated (and durable) leather, meaning you can fold the shoe in half, making these the ultimate travel shoe! If you aren’t wearing them through the airport, they take up minimal space in your bag. They even come with their own travel bag so you can keep everything else in your bag clean.

The back of the shoe is cushioned as opposed to being elastic, making these comfortable right out of the box. They do not rub the ankle the way most flats do. The insole is also extremely plush, and the leather outer is so soft and supple.

The bright teal rubber soles are also skid-proof making these ideal for most weather situations! The pop of color is unmistakable, and in my opinion, so cute!

You can buy them in various finishes ranging from matte, patent, metallic, croc, snakeskin, and even fabric textile for all my vegan beauties! (Please note, Mojave and Heritage plaid have leather insoles.)

These are my ultimate must have shoe in my closet. After 4 years, I finally got another pair in Matte Black! I am so excited to have another pair in my rotation and can’t wait to add more to my collection.

Shop Tieks here

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