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Liquid Skin Tint by Clove + Hallow

I’m a combination skinned gal, who gets oily as the day goes on. Some days it’s the battle of the blot and I’m constantly dabbing my T-zone to remove excess oil, so mattifying foundations are always a plus in my book.

I’m a Clove + Hallow girl through and through, so you can imagine my excitement when they launched their first liquid foundation! It promises a medium coverage, and a demi-matte finish. Sign me up!

I was initially sent shades 01 & 02. 01 is waaaayyy to light for me, so I tried 02, which works but is also pretty light on me. It works if I go over it with bronzer. For the actual coverage, it definitely applies as medium and looks like velvety skin. My t-zone does get oily as the day goes on, but I feel like this formula definitely combats the worst of it. It’s more ‘glowy’ than oil-slick after a full days wear . Winning.

My cousin ordered the shade 05 and the formula wasn’t what she was looking for so she gifted it to me. I have to say, 05 works much better on my skintone, and when it’s blended out it’s virtually seamless, especially as I have a little more color during warmer months. I’ll mix in 02 for cooler months when my skin gets lighter.

Initially, I felt like using a brush with this formula didn’t work great and preferred my fingers or a sponge, but after getting a darker shade that matches my skin better, I actually love using a brush! I also switched foundation brushes which has helped a ton (Pictured is the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Foundation brush. Love it.) As long as you are correctly shade matched, you can use whatever your preferred application method is. That’s due in part to the dimethicone in the formula which aids in a poreless appearance and longevity of the foundation.

 This foundation is lightweight feeling like you have nothing on, but leaves your skin looking soft and filtered. As always, Clove + Hallow hits it out of the park with another solid formula that wears beautifully and doesn’t break the bank. I’ve reached for this formula a ton, especially in the warmer summer months because it holds up so well and doesn’t feel heavy or greasy.

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