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Gressa Bronzing Serum

The more I play with makeup, the more I realized I needed a solid liquid bronzer. You can really sculpt out the face before laying down your foundation to create a beautiful, natural contour. Most of the bronzers I’ve ever used (both powders and creams) contain some form of mica/shimmery component. While gorgeous, that doesn’t exactly translate well for contouring – you’re highlighting an area you want to make seem like a shadow…it’s contradictory.

Because of my love for the Gressa Minimalist Foundation, I knew their bronzer would probably also be amazing. It has the same type of black glass bottle and a dropper which I absolutely love. I saw a quick video tutorial and my first thought was ‘gee, that is a DARK bronzer. I’ll take one!’ Haha.


Not because I particularly need a dark shade because I am pale as they come, BUT I see so many versatile options for using this product. Whether that be a drop to deepen and warm up my foundation during the summer, to do some contouring, or even if I need to whip up a customized shade while doing someone else’s makeup – this will allow me to do it.


The first time I applied a drop to my hand, it looked like molten chocolate. Really dark and rich, but has a very nice neutral undertone. Generally speaking, I find Gressa seems pretty neutral regarding undertones in their shades. I love that it isn’t super warm as most bronzers tend to be overly orange. The first time I used it on my face, it really hollowed out my cheeks nicely. I have very full, round cheeks, so I definitely can appreciate some contouring!

The formula has the same consistency as the serum foundation as well as skin loving ingredients. The first ingredient is also broccoli seed oil. Check out my foundation review for the full ingredient breakdown. This doesn’t contain any silicones.

When I say it only takes the tiniest drop to bronze/contour my face, I am not kidding. This bottle is going to last for ages. Because of how pigmented it is, it is actually wonderful for most skin tones. My favorite way to apply it is using a dense foundation brush and then using my fingers or a sponge to further sheer it out and blend. I’ve definitely found my favorite method for ‘contouring’, which I aim to make it seem like ‘non-touring’. I want the definition without looking obviously contoured, and this is simply the best for achieving that!

I’m glad I trusted my gut on ordering this – it is a ‘love it’ item for me.

Gressa Bronzer

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*This product was purchased by me.

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