Henne Organics


I’m not sure what it is about finding the perfect nude lip color, but it is the ultimate struggle for me. I guess because my skin is so fair, I feel like nude colors wash me out. I know the rule “smokey eye, nude lip” blah blah blah, but I always look dead. 

I have to say though, this Henne lip tint in Bare is pretty darn good for a nude lip. It adds a little pigment – somewhere between a nude and pink – and is the perfect finishing touch for bold eyes or a day spent running errands. It can definitely be built to a more opaque finish, too.


Personally, I love this type of product: balmy, rich, adds some color. As far back as I can remember, I have reached for some kind of product like this (think old-school cherry chapstick for that little flush of pink). This is like the grown up, luxury version of that. Plus it comes in 4 different shades and is made with good for you ingredients, and a little extra color payoff.

With it’s sleek black tube, this product is ideal for tossing in your bag for a day out and about, and is more hygienic than a pot style balm.


Shop all Henne here


*This product was kindly gifted by Be Naturallyou.


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