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Gressa Minimalist Foundation

I have been asked so many times about the Gressa Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation, so I got a bottle to give it a whirl! And let me say, I am quite impressed.


If there is one thing I can say after years of trying natural foundations, it’s that the ones that lack silicone usually take some trial and error to find the best application method. Silicone adds slip to formulas making them glide on effortlessly – you can practically apply them with your eyes closed and will have an even, smooth application everytime. It’s not to say natural foundations that don’t contain silicone are completely nightmarish and difficult to use (because I love them, too!) but just that they require a little bit more practice. You have to learn the formula and play with different brushes, sponges, using your fingers, etc.

Not with Gressa.

What?! This applies so similarly to a foundation that has silicone, but it doesn’t. Seriously, I had to double check the bottle. (Note: this formula contains silica – a form of quartz, not to be confused with silicone – a synthetic polymer.) The first ingredient of this foundation also may surprise you…it’s broccoli seed oil! This oil is high in essential fatty acids and antioxidants making this formula ultra-moisturizing. I find this oil in particular sinks into the skin really well; I give it a few minutes after application to settle.

Aside from the pigments in this formula, it’s actually all oils and extracts designed to heal the skin! Extracts like milk thistle and horsetail soothe inflammation, neem to heal acne and treat hyper-pigmentation/scarring, lemon balm and elder flower to tighten the skin and shrink pores, antioxidant rich wrinkle fighters barberry and sea buckthorn, bitter melon which is high in vitamins A & C as well as zinc, and licorice root for balancing overly oily skin and potentially able to lighten dark circles. This foundation is impressive in terms of ingredients!

As for performance, this wears beautifully all day on me. I can forgo concealer on my notoriously dark circles…which is a rarity. The texture is so silky smooth and builds easily without getting cakey. Coverage wise, I would call this medium to full, yet it feels like a tinted moisturizer. I start with 1 drop on each cheek and build where it’s needed. You can definitely even start with 1 drop all over: 2 is just my coverage preference, and I build a little more under my eyes. It does have a glowy effect at first, and tends to get a little dewier as the day goes on. Not surprising considering it’s oil based, however I don’t find this to make my skin feel oilier – if that makes sense. This is a gem in my eyes; a rare breed of skin treatment-makeup hybrid.  It comes in a black glass bottle with a dropper; perfect for sanitation purposes.


I got the shade 2.5 which is described as light with a neutral undertone. I feel that is accurate; normally I choose warmer shades and this doesn’t look quite as golden on my skin, but I feel that it still blends out nicely and works well for my skin tone especially once I have on blush/bronzer/etc. While there aren’t a ton of shades to choose from (11 total) they do range from really fair to really deep. I also got the bronzer which is highly pigmented to adjust my shade for warmer months. Despite there only being 11 shades, this line is highly customizable.

I was not really sure what to expect from this foundation, but it has become one that I reach for constantly. I feel instantly put together, not to mention my skin looks really good since I’ve been using it!

Shop all Gressa here


*This product was purchased by me. 

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