Full Filled Lipgloss by P/Y/T Beauty

I love the straight forward nature of PYT Beauty, so I’m stoked they have released plumping lipglosses! Full Filled glosses come in three shades: Skinny Dip (clear), Horoscope (sparkly glitter), and Influence (a peachy nude).

I was curious what ingredients are responsible for the plumping aspect of this lipgloss since it doesn’t sting. As it turns out, it’s a combination of a few things, particularly the peppermint oil and the menthyl lactate which cause a swelling affect, as well as oils (sunflower, avocado, and jojoba to list a few) and mango seed butter to moisturize.

The ingredient I’m most interested in is palmitoyl tripeptide-1. In the most simple way I can describe this, peptides are essentially short protein chains that when applied topically signal to our skin that there has been damage and that it needs to make collagen. Basically, continued use of a gloss containing this type of ingredient will improve the collagen and fullness of your lips over time. These have a large doe-foot applicator that’s curved to fit the lips while applying.

I was immediately drawn to the color Influence to give some life to my lips! I am personally a fan of colored glosses and this is a shade that is surprisingly different than what’s in my lippie collection already. How I haven’t accrued a peachy nude gloss until now is beyond me, but I really dig this shade. It’s warm and glowy. Influence pretty much lives in my bag now wherever I go, it’s the perfect pick me up color and works with so many looks.

Below: Influence


Horoscope is super duper sparkly and glittery. This is the kind of gloss you throw on for a night out for some draaaama. The iridescent sparkles in it are relatively big so you can actually feel them on the lips. Just worth noting if textures weird you out.


Skinny Dip is the perfect clear gloss to pump up the volume whether you like your natural lip color or you want to throw some gloss over your favorite lip shade. Clear glosses are always super versatile for that reason. Pro-tip: if you’re applying over another lip color, transfer some gloss onto your finger or a lip brush and then apply so you don’t tint the gloss in the tube by putting a stained applicator back in.


I have really enjoyed these glosses!

Shop all P/Y/T Beauty here


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*Note, product gifted; all thoughts are my own. 


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