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Kate Middleton is the initial reason I heard of Trilogy. It’s rumored that she is a fan of the Rosehip Oil to keep her complexion youthful and fresh. She does have gorgeous skin – if it’s good enough for the Dutchess, it’s good enough for me! Lucky me, I was gifted with way more than just the Rosehip oil! And I can say, the Trilogy line is absolutely delightful.

Initially, I noticed what seemed like fragrance from the Makeup Cleansing Balm. I wasn’t expecting it, so after some research I discovered their ‘parfum’ is all natural (yay…not a fan of synthetic scents in my skincare because I tend to experience irritation). It smells a little tropical like mango, and a hint floral. This Balm is the bomb. For real. I have only ever used one other cleansing balm and wasn’t overly impressed. To me, it just felt like I was smearing my makeup around and it wasn’t really coming off. With the Trilogy balm though, I can actually see the makeup coming off, albeit it does seem to slide around some at first. And mascara? Easy peasy, no tugging or ripping out eyelashes to remove it. This stuff is kind of magical. If you’re a fan of oil cleansing, you will probably like this balm too because it melts on contact and feels similar to a thick oil. Once washed off, it leaves the skin feeling baby smooth. If you find your makeup is difficult to remove, this might be the perfect solution. Also, a little goes a long way and this tub is huge.

I’m a fan of hydrating mists, and this one smells so lovely – like geranium. This is actually my favorite mist to date. It is super fine and it doesn’t launch out any giant particles, so this is great as a makeup setting spray or refresher. I personally use it like a toner before I apply serums and creams. It’s really high in aloe which is great for hydrating, soothing, and fights acne naturally with salicylic acid. Geranium oil is uplifting in general, but it’s great for reducing inflammation, too.

The Everything Balm had me feeling a little confused at first. What is it? Is it for dry elbows? Lips? General moisturizer? Can I really use it for everything? How the heck do I use this?! I can say, I do not like it as a lip balm; the scent is way too floral for something on my lips. However, it’s great for practically everything else! If you experience dry hands and cracked cuticles like I often do from washing them too much, this is a lifesaver. It’s especially wonderful on feet, too! A little rubbed on feet at night and covered with socks reveals tootsies that feel pedicure fresh in the morning. Take it from someone who is notorious for neglecting her feet. It melts into a silky serum when warmed up by your hands and feels surprisingly lightweight. Oh, and it also smells of beautiful geranium. It’s said to be fine for facial use too, but I personally have not tried that. Given that this comes in solid form, this is also great for travel as it won’t take up space in your liquids bag.

I love the Vital Moisturizing Cream. It absorbs quickly and can be used day or night; personally I like it for day use and prefer to use something heavier at night. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated and soft without being greasy. Given the ingredients, you would think this is really heavy, but for some reason it sits very light on my skin. It has evening primrose oil which is an antioxidant-rich omega fatty acid, and marula oil which combats acne and breakouts because it’s antibacterial as well as can deeply penetrate the skin. It also contains tomato seed oil which is sort of a catch-all for skin ailments like acne, eczema, psoriasis, and general anti-aging.

Finally getting to the brands namesake, the Rosehip Oil! Rosehip oil comes from the little bud behind the rose petals and is rich in fatty acids and vitamin-c making this an excellent choice for most skin types, but especially for dry or aging skin. Rosehip oil is high in essential fatty acids, particularly linoleic acid which boosts the synthesis of prostaglandins (hormone-like cellular aids) which boost cellular renewal and repair. It’s even said to be a miracle healer for stretch marks. I’ll have to report back on this; it’s hard to say with certainty if it does because I love my Bella Aura for stretch marks. What I do love about this oil is that it’s simple and straight forward. No extra ingredients, so if you’re sensitive to essential oils this would be a great choice. This oil is cold pressed (solvent-free extraction process) which maintains the oils essential fatty acids much better than utilizing solvents to extract the oil. In fact, Trilogy guarantees at least 80% minimum essential fatty acids in tact, making this an excellent choice of rosehip oil. Also worth noting is how lightweight this oil feels on the skin; it doesn’t feel greasy and it absorbs really quickly.

Have you tried Trilogy? Sound off below!

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*Note, products gifted; all thoughts are my own.


  1. I’ve been looking into this set as it looks great! It’s my birthday month so I’m finally gonna splurge on it! 😜


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