Goldfaden MD

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Goldfaden M.D. is dermatologist developed and plant based skincare. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed their products in the past, so I was thrilled to get to try some more!

Nothing says skin reset like using a peel and masks. These are the best way to purge and shrink pores for a smooth, model worthy complexion. I had the opportunity to try Fresh A Peel, the Skin Balancing Mask, and the Facial Detox Mask.

Fresh A Peel is a gentle acid and fruit enzyme peel that can be used several times per week. The directions say to leave it on around a minute on clean skin before rinsing. I really like this mask! I find that it helps speed cellular turnover and enhances the absorption of my other products while brightening my skin. I’ve used many acid and enzyme based masks, but this is my favorite because it doesn’t seem to irritate my skin the way others can. I notice a very mild tingle before washing it off, but its’s nothing like the burning sensation that some acids have. I think the limited amount of contact time is the key here. It’s just enough to get the job done without being aggressive.

The Facial Detox Mask is a thick paste designed to decongest clogged pores. It’s made with camphor which adds a soothing and cooling effect. Total blast from the past, but after a few minutes it feels very similar to Noxzema if you ever used it (similar texture, too!) It also has zinc oxide and sulfur which help clear breakout prone areas. Funny side effect, I can smell the sulfur a few hours after I’ve washed the mask off. I don’t really notice it while it’s on, but I get faint whiffs of it later. It’s a subtle reminder that our skin absorbs what we apply to it, making it important to choose healthy ingredients. This takes warm water and a little elbow grease to wash off, but I feel like my pores look smaller after using this mask. Generally speaking, my skin looks really fresh and clear. This is fantastic for acne prone skin also as it’s soothing and really cleans out all the gunk.

Last on this skincare mini-haul is the Skin Balancing Mask. This mask is formulated to smooth and revitalize the skins surface as well as hydrate and plump all at the same time. It contains malic acid, ginseng, hyaluronic acid, and honey among the many ingredients. While the overall effect of this mask provides things like smaller pores and brightened skin, I find that I experience redness and irritation each time I use it. This seems to be a trend among acid based masks (which is why I like Fresh A Peel for its limited contact time). Even with the time cut in half, I am red for around an hour afterwards. It is worth noting, once the redness subsides my skin looks really supple and my pores look smaller. If you have sensitive skin like me, this might be something to steer clear of, however I am sure it is fine for other skin types.

It is imperative to use sunscreen religiously after using any type of alpha hydroxy acids (AHA’s) like the Skin Balancing Mask and the Fresh A Peel for at least a week afterwards to prevent sunburn and sun damage. I like this one from Hynt.

Shop all Goldfaden M.D. here


*Please note, these products were gifted. All thoughts are my own. 



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