Sappho CC Cream


I love makeup artist created lines – who better to understand performance needs than someone who applies makeup for a living? Canadian makeup artist Jo Ann Fowler created Sappho New Paradigm as a brand free from suspected carcinogens with the mission to create a product that can rival conventional makeup. She has been the makeup artist for various productions such as Air Bud, multiple movies in the Twilight franchise, several of the Final Destination movies, and The L Word just to name a few. Her clientele boasts many a-listers too like Drew Barrymore, Matthew Fox, Jack Black, and Lindsey Lohan (again, just to list a few!)

I got to try out the Sappho CC Cream. It’s described as a being moisturizing and great for women on the go. The texture is lightweight and creamy; I would say it even borders being slightly whipped feeling. When applied to the skin, it feels lightweight and cooling. The coverage is sheer and leaves the skin slightly dewy (not oily though). The overall effect is softly blurred and leaves the skin looking plump and fresh. I honestly had no idea what I’d think of this because I typically go for a medium coverage, but in the spirit of providing a wide range of reviews decided to try this out. I’m really glad I did, because it’s such a great overall formula! If you like lightweight coverage (still looks and feels like your skin, but better), you’ll love the Sappho CC Cream.

Because it’s a CC Cream, it’s meant to function like skincare also. The ingredients are super pure with aloe being the first ingredient (hydration) as well as jojoba oil (moisture). It also has several fruit extracts like apple, pineapple, pomegranate, bergamot, and chamomile to nourish and soothe. It’s a perfect light-weight and hydrating complexion perfector that performs surprisingly well. I find even after a workout my skin still looks pretty and fresh. 

2019-02-27 01.59.21 1.jpg


Final takeaway: lightweight coverage, hydrating, blurring effect.

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*Please note, this product was gifted, all opinions are my own. 

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