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My first introduction to Bella Aura was the Night Cellular Renewal. It was a generous sample size, and upon the first use I was really impressed. It sank into my skin so quickly and left my skin supple, hydrated, and bright upon waking each morning. I loved it so much, I started using it during the daytime, too! Fast forward 3 months to my conversation with founder Yasmine; I discovered what sets Bella Aura apart from other skincare lines and what makes it so unique.

Necessity is the mother of all invention: When Yasmine lost her mother to leukemia, her skin flared with acne that left scarring due to all the stress she experienced. When she couldn’t find any products that would cure her skin, she decided to create her own line that would. The creation of her line was equal parts spiritual journey and personal need. She searched the world over for the most powerful, healing ingredients, and has lovingly poured them into Bella Aura. Her passion shines so brightly and is reflected in each product.

One of the cornerstones of Bella Aura is focusing on the skins hydration. So many lines in the clean beauty space are pure oil blends, and while oil definitely has its place in skincare, it is not solely responsible for creating healthy, youthful skin. Yasmine brought up the point that our skin naturally produces oils but not water; this was something I had never really considered before.

Water hydrates, oils moisturize. The words hydrate and moisturize are often used interchangeably regarding skincare, however, they mean very different things. To be dehydrated means you need water – hydration. To be dry, means your skin lacks oils – needing moisturization. The beauty of Bella Aura is that it brings both hydration and moisture in the form of powerful micro emulsions that are fortified with botanical elements. The science regarding micro emulsions is explained as “[transforming] into light oil, which is readily absorbed deep into your skin. Then, at the cellular level it transforms once again, into water, to hydrate your skin from within.”

The powerful botanical ingredients are sourced from around the world and utilized in each formula to target key issues such as luminosity, collagen production and skin firmness, acne, and cellular renewal among many skin concerns. These formulas are created in a Swiss lab and undergo at least 1 year of thorough research, development, and trials (on humans, not animals).


Since starting my regimen with Bella Aura, I have noticed a tremendous difference in my skin. I had no idea that using just oils on my skin was not targeting my hydration levels (one of the causes of fine lines and dullness) and I assumed oils would cure all of my issues. My daily routine includes the Daily Repair Moisturizer, the Instant Lifting Eye Contour, the Night Cellular Renewal, and the Gravity Reverse Body Serum.

The Daily Repair Moisturizer ($99) is the product I use to start my day. It addresses the skins hydration with black oats which retain water and support the skins Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF). It also contains daisy flower extract which combats hyperpigmentation; it is an alternative to hydroquinone, which makes this safe for pregnant women who want to treat pigmentation issues. One of the ingredients I love in particular is the prickly pear seed oil which targets hyperpigmentation like the daisy extract, but it boosts collagen production too thanks to vitamin k. It also contains lecithin which helps strengthen the skins natural barrier making this an ideal product for those with conditions like eczema and rosacea. It’s incredibly gentle and I love how this wears on my skin! It really plumps everything up and my skin looks so much brighter since I’ve been using this daily. I find that I use less makeup now than I did before because my skin looks so good.

I also have dark undereye circles and the beginnings of fine lines around my eyes. Rather than working retroactively, I am taking steps now to treat the issues I have, as well as prevent further wrinkles by using targeted eye products. Since using the Instant Lifting Eye Contour ($130), my fine lines have smoothed out and my under eye circles are lighter. It’s made with moth bean extract which is natures form of retinol, so the overall tone and texture under my eyes has improved. This particular concentrate restores firmness and elasticity. It also absorbs quickly, so you aren’t left with any kind of residue on the skin, so this is great to use both morning and night. The best way I can describe this product is that it’s like a full nights sleep in a bottle: you wake up looking bright eyed and perky (even if you don’t feel like it).

The Night Cellular Renewal ($110) is still one of my absolute favorites. It smells like neroli which is such a mood boost and instantly plumps the skin. The texture of this is lightweight like a serum but hydrating like a night cream. Because it absorbs so quickly, you don’t have to worry about product being all over your pillow. Cistus incanus extract (rock rose) is a super-antioxidant that protects the skin from the visible signs of aging. Gymnostemma pentaphyllum (Jiaogulan) is also an antioxidant, but it also helps reduce inflammation and works to repair sun damage. This formula contains argan and prickly pear seed oils which give the skin a dose of omega fatty acids (3, 6, & 9). Omegas protect the skins lipid layers and overall cellular function and health. L-glutamine aids in the brightening of skin as well as collagen production. This product is an all around must have for beautiful skin!

During my pregnancy I gained a total of nearly 60 lbs., and most of it in the very final months of my pregnancy due to swelling. My skin couldn’t keep up with this extreme fluctuation and I ended up with stretch marks on my belly, hips, and thighs. While I don’t think stretch marks are the end of the world, I’d rather not have them! That’s where the Gravity Reverse Body Serum ($110) comes into play. This serum has reduced and lightened my stretch marks. So many products make claims to get rid of stretch marks, but few actually do. This actually works…so much so, that my husband who doesn’t normally notice those sort of things commented on how much lighter my stretch marks have gotten. This isn’t just for stretch marks though: it helps to reduce cellulite, improve elasticity, reduce inflammation, prevent skin oxidation (one of the causes of aging), smooths the skin, and is even good for tattoo aftercare. The star ingredient is stalked bulbine, a South African succulent that repairs the collagen breakdown in the skin. I apply this twice a day to my stretch marks, ideally with one of those times being immediately after a shower. See the pictures of my progress for yourself! (Please note, during this time trying the Gravity Reverse Body Serum, I stopped treating my stretch marks with my Elevare + deep infrared device to gauge the full effect of the serum without anything to skew the results.)

I love everything about Bella Aura; it has completely transformed my skin! Having clean, botanically driven formulas that are lab tested and give proven results is all that I can ask for out of my skincare. None of the formulas contain added synthetic fragrance and are scented by the natural botanical essences in them. Most of the formulas have almost a woodsy scent which I find grounding, with the exception of the Night Cellular Renewal which smells like neroli. I also love the sleek black glass bottles – less plastic is always a plus in my book. All of the formulations are top notch luxury. Whenever I’m asked what I recommend for skincare, the answer is Bella Aura.

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