Olio e Osso

Skincare, meet beauty.

Beauty, meet Olio e Osso.

Paola LaMorticella needed a way to soothe her infant sons skin when drugstore options failed her. With her 25+ years of experience working in the film and commercial industry as a makeup artist, she decided to create her own skin balm. In 2014, she was joined by May Albano to create Olio e Osso, and the rest is history.

Olio e Osso now boasts a range of tinted balms in a portable stick form allowing for the easiest makeup application ever. Seriously. The sticks are a slightly wide oval shape, so one swipe covers the cheek easily. Swipe until your desired color intensity is achieved, gently buff or pat into cheeks (and lips) and go. Simple as that. The Balms leave a pretty stain of color while looking oh so natural and perfectly flushed. They add just the right amount of dewiness, too. There are also untinted balms that have just a hint of shimmer for a highlighting effect.

I love the simplicity of these balms. They are the most foolproof cheek and lip colors I’ve ever used and are hydrating without feeling sticky; I love these as a lip balm/color because of their silky texture. I received the shades No. 11 Fete, an untinted, shimmering balm that leaves the skin radiant and illuminated and No. 12 Plum which adds a touch of scarlet warmth and imparts a golden glow.

I immediately fell in love with the Balms and need one for every bag I own now. Trust me. They’re gorgeous. The base ingredients for all of these are shea oil, olive oil, beeswax, and grapefruit peel oil. Sometimes, I’m still amazed when products this simple provide such incredibly beautiful results!

The fragrant Lustero Body Oil bestows a delicate golden glow to the skin with shimmering mica in a base of oils like grapeseed and olive. The bright scent of bergamot kisses the skin while peppery patchouli delicately trails you. I quite enjoy this scent, and my skin is left glistening and hydrated. Pro tip: apply after a shower to lock in moisture.

Shop all Olio e Osso here

*Please note, all products gifted for consideration. Thoughts are my own.

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