little barn Apothecary: passion fruit+rose enzymatic exfoliant mask

Long long ago, I used to scour my face with an apricot scrub. I rubbed so hard, my skin would be angry, red, and shining, mostly because I took off several layers in a matter of minutes. Not exactly a good idea.

I’ve since learned the importance of being gentle with my skin, and I’ve expanded my exfoliating routine to enzyme-based products, which work fantastically in place of my former harsh manual scrubs. Be kind to your skin, and it’ll love you back.




I’ve tried a few different types of enzyme masks and I really like little barn Apothecary* ($50). It’s a light, gelatinous texture that spreads easily around my face, and after 20 minutes or so I wash it off to reveal baby soft skin that doesn’t feel like I took a steel wool pad to it. I do notice within the first few minutes I feel a slightly tingly feeling while it’s on, but it subsides quickly. I follow up with a moisturizer.

Let’s take a look at the ingredient list, shall we?

Per the little barn Apothecary site:

Ingredients: Aloe leaf juice*, hydroxyethylcellulose, passion fruit acids*, lemon fruit acids*, pineapple fruit acids*, grape extract*, silver dihydrogen citrate, rose oil, citric acid, potassium sorbate

That is a surprisingly short list. I love that the first ingredient is aloe leaf juice because you already know it’s going to be hydrating. Further down the list, we see fruit acids which will help dissolve dulling, older skin cells. Pineapple fruit acids contain bromelain, which is a softening enzyme (in culinary uses it’s a meat tenderizer). Rose oil is soothing as well.

Something that must be iterated is the fact that this mask contains natural AHA’s (alpha hydroxy acids), so you’ll want to be sure to wear sunscreen or avoid sun exposure for up to a week after. Trust me, your newly glowing skin will thank you!


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