Rejuva Mineral Makeup (haul)

My sister first introduced me into the world of ‘green beauty’. Around the same time she was changing her food choices, she also began the quest of switching out her cosmetics and beauty routine. At the time, I couldn’t comprehend why she would want to do that. Looking back though, I realize she was a pioneer of sorts. I remember her giddily opening up her makeup caboodle, newly stocked with all kinds of clean beauty goodies. That was close to 10 years ago, and a majority of what she had purchased was from Rejuva Minerals.

Rejuva Minerals is EWG Verified, meaning their products are approved by the Environmental Working Group. To get this seal means that their products are free from harmful or questionable chemicals; products are given a rating from 1-10 in terms of safety, 1 being the safest score. Every ingredient must be accounted for, including fragrance which is notorious for being a blanket label for many ingredients; up to 200 various ingredients to be exact! All Rejuva products score between 1-2 in the EWG Skindeep Database, so you can rest assured you are using products that are safe and good for you.

I received the Natural Look Pressed Foundation in the shade Sea Shell, Baked Mineral Blush in Berry Blast, Mineral Concealer in Golden Sand, Mega Lash in Midnight, and the Pur Lips Lipstick in Red Red Wine.

Powder Foundation

The Natural Look Pressed Powder Foundation comes in a cream colored compact with a lid that twists off. It also comes with a powder pouf. The shade Sea Shell is a great match for my skin; it’s slightly on the peachier side (read: not pink) which is great for picking up my skintone which can look sallow at times. I have used this both as a foundation on it’s own and as a setting powder over liquid and cream foundations; it works great both ways. It blurs beautifully, and keeps my skin from getting too shiny, but it still allows me to have a healthy glow (one of the many reasons why I love mineral makeup!) For a powder, this product is actually very high in hydrating ingredients like jojoba seed oil and grape seed oil so there’s no chalky effect. It also contains a multitude of antioxidants like lauroyl lysine, cranberry seed oil, and rosemary leaf oil; good for not only your skin, but naturally preserving the life of your product!


The Concealer Powder in the shade Golden Sand is a dream for covering up under eyes and masking acne! I was really impressed by the amount of coverage that this gave and was also pleasantly surprised it was non-drying, despite being a powder. Even covering acne spots which can often be dry or flaky, I didn’t have issues with this exacerbating problematic texture. What I really love about this is the fact that it’s buildable and brightening; The carnauba powder allows this to feel more like a traditional creamy concealer once it’s on without the added step of setting it after application. This makes it really quick in my makeup routine! It leaves me looking refreshed without looking waxy or like I’m obviously wearing makeup. I take a small domed brush and buff it on wherever I need brightening, like my under eyes, or a smaller pointed brush for concealing acne. This is also a great alternative for a ‘highlighter’ if you don’t want a shimmery effect.

Baked Blush

Baked Mineral Blush: I love you. I have the shade Berry Blast, and I. Can. Not. Get. Enough! Since switching to natural cosmetics, I haven’t used many powder blushes but this one in particular has stolen my heart. It comes in a pan with a flip cap (which I love). It applies so smooth, and it’s incredibly fine milled. I love the raspberry shade this imparts; it looks like I went for a run but more polished. It also has shimmer, but not in a strobe-effect way. It’s much more Beyonce, ‘I woke up like this’- simply beautiful, fresh, and glowing. One thing worth noting is that powder blushes are fantastic for acne sufferers. They won’t smudge off whatever work you’ve done to cover redness and spots underneath the way that cream blushes can!

Mega Lash Mascara

The Mega Lash Thickening and Lengthening Mascara in the shade Midnight is an intense, ultra black. The case itself is a luxuriously heavy matte black metal. Upon pulling out the brush, I was delighted to see that the formula is incredibly creamy! I love not having to wait for formulas to thicken up. As for the brush itself, it’s a natural bristle brush with densely packed bristles. On my lashes, this provides a naturally voluminous effect  more so than lengthening; I also get nice definition. I only noticed smudging around the 10 hour mark, which is really good on my deep set eyes! This is also water resistant so if you shed a few tears or get caught in the rain you won’t have dark black tears streaming down your face immediately.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Last in the haul is the Pur Lips Lipstick in the shade Red Red Wine. This is a gorgeous crimson color that’s the perfect finishing touch for everyday! It also has a slight gold sheen that has a lip enhancing effect; it’s not distracting or obviously ‘shimmery’ but my lips look nice and full with this color. It’s made with conditioning oils and shea butter, so your lips won’t dry out. This shade in particular is also titanium dioxide free! All of the Pur Lipsticks are free of FD&C dyes and carmine.

Rejuva Minerals have done a wonderful job creating a line that not only performs beautifully, but that is squeaky clean regarding ingredients! Getting the EWG Verified seal isn’t easy, so I have really high respect for this company regarding ingredient transparency. I also love that all of these products are buildable- it makes them easy to custom tailor to personal needs or coverage needs! As a makeup connoisseur, I really appreciate the formulas and textures offered by this brand.

*From now until 10/31/2018, use code wholly to save 15% off your orders at Rejuva Minerals.




*Please note, this is a sponsored post; however, I strongly believe in this company’s quality standards and have thoroughly enjoyed their products!




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