Can we talk about fragrance?

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When I was a little girl, I loved going with my mom to Ulta. That’s where my initial love of beauty came from but especially my love of perfumes and all things that smell good! Does anyone else remember Calgon body sprays? I couldn’t get enough of them, specifically Turquoise Seas. Once I hit middle school, I’m pretty sure I was drenched in Davidoff Coolwater daily and in high school, Victoria’s Secret Heavenly was my absolute favorite!

Fragrance is so strongly tied to memory and captures moments in time that are instantly evoked when we smell them again. When I smell classic Old Spice, I think of my dad’s aftershave. Even now, when I see some in the store, I take a whiff for the nostalgia, and I’m instantly transported back to my parent’s bathroom watching him get ready in the morning and occasionally swirling the shaving cream on my face. The smell of Marc Jacobs Daisy reminds me of an ex who gifted me with a large bottle of it one Christmas. Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb reminds me of my wedding day being on a boat surrounded by people I love. Tom Ford Black Orchid makes me think of the night I spritzed some on last minute to crash an opera gala afterparty and my friend couldn’t stop commenting on how good I smelled as I wafted a trail of fragrance everywhere I went.

Fragrance houses aren’t required to disclose their top-secret ingredients of their trade formulas, and can simply list all the chemicals as the word ‘fragrance’. Probably the most notable offender in perfumes and colognes is phthalates. Phthalates are used as a solvent in fragrance to improve the longevity of the product, but many studies have shown links of phthalates to hormone disruption, birth defects, and cancer.

Here are my thoughts…my grandmother lived to be 91 and the woman DOUSED herself in every kind potion and lotion and clearly, she lived a long happy life. I don’t believe chemicals are going to kill you in small doses, and I refuse to live my life fearful of everything I’m exposed to. Personally, I believe in living in moderation, so I still occasionally wear my Chloe and Tom Ford and enjoy them thoroughly when I do. I believe in making informed choices in life. When I can, I try to find safer, more natural alternatives that are made with skin and body-loving ingredients. I have found quite a few that I enjoy!

I love Living Libations products in general, but some of their fragrances speak to my heart. My first perfume purchase from them was Fawn Lily*.


I was so intrigued by the description, as it sounded nothing like anything I’d worn before. After the first spray, I thought “WHOA that’s different”. After all, this world of natural fragrance was entirely new to me and smelled nothing like my familiar spritzes. I sprayed it on and went to dinner with my husband. Throughout the night, the fragrance bloomed on my skin and turned into this lovely, creamy, velvety concoction and to this day I love it. There’s something so comforting about it, like a cashmere wrap, and yet it maintains something very raw and primal at the same time (you know, like the fact that it’s made entirely of botanicals). Sometimes I’ll spray it on before I go to bed, and I can still smell it in the morning, so the longevity is there and I have to admit, that surprised me for a natural blend! I’ve also have Being Free is Lots of Fun (fresh citrus and comforting vanilla with a touch of jasmine), Roses Shining Everywhere (a beautiful bouquet of roses laced with warm vanilla), Night Flight to Venus (heady jasmine, orange blossoms, and hay), and Lei Lady Lei (a tropical garland reminiscent of your best beach vacation). What can I say, I love florals! Check out their online store!*

Somewhere along this journey, I found a handmade blend called Child.


It’s a beautiful white floral, with strong notes of jasmine which I’m a total sucker for. Have you ever smelled a delicate pink Mimosa tree blossom? The opening notes smell like that, and the dry down is much less sweet but equally as lovely. But oh do I live for that initial swipe…it’s delicious! This is sold in both the roller ball (pictured) and a spray. The roll on lasts forever!!!

What are some of your favorite better-for-you fragrances? Sound off below!











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